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Gail Howard Mentioned on Front Cover of USA Today

On December 17, 2013, the front page cover of USA Today featured a Lotto article about the rising Mega Millions jackpot. Gail Howard was quoted in the article, and Lottery Master Guide was mentioned.

Gail Howard in Front Page Article of USA Today
Front Page Lottery  Article of USA Today

Read the web article on

You Could Be the First Lottery Billionaire!

All it takes is one dollar, six winning numbers and beating the odds of one in 258,890,850.

My best advice is to buy one Mega Millions ticket. If God has ordained that you will win this huge jackpot, you can win it with one ticket. As the slogan goes, “You Gotta Be In It to Win It.” With one ticket you are in it and your chances are as good as anyone else’s.

Since the first Mega Millions drawing of the new 5/75 + 1/15 game format on October 22, 2013, there have been 16 drawings. It takes 15 drawings to use every one of the 75 numbers. But so far, 22 virgin numbers have not been drawn. They are numbers 04, 10, 18, 21, 28, 31, 34, 37, 38, 39, 40, 46, 48, 55, 56. 58, 61, 66, 68, 69. 72, 73. Each drawing one or more of those numbers will win.

Of the 15 Mega Ball numbers, these five virgins have not been drawn: 04, 06, 09, 10, 11. Mega Ball 03 has won three times; and Mega Balls 02, 07, 08,15 have won twice each.

Did you know that you have a better chance of winning $100,000 in your state’s cash-5 game than winning a measly $5,000 in Mega Millions? The odds of winning the jackpot in a cash 5/39 game are one in 575,757. Compare that to the odds of one in 739,688 of winning $5,000 in Mega Millions. So, my advice is to seriously use my Smart Luck strategies and wheeling systems on your local cash 5 game and just spend a dollar on Mega Millions.

Smart Luck's new responsive website! now works optimally on mobile phones, Android and iPad devices. It automatically adapts to best fit the screen you are viewing.

We want to thank one of our long term fans, Gamblin Queen, for this lovely tribute:

Mega Millions Changes

Beginning with the October 22, 2013 drawing, Mega Millions has a new format! The game has drastically changed from the old 5/56+1/46 format to a new 5/75+1/15 game. The odds for the game are now 1 in 258.9 million, up from 1 in 175 million prior to the change. Tickets for Mega Millions remain $1 per play.

The great thing about Smart Luck software is that the specific number format does not change the strategy formulas or wheels, so the software will still work with this game. All you need to do is download our new updated history files for Mega Millions, and Advantage Gold can create charts for the new game. Pick-5 wheels will still work the same for this game, and you can mark your mega balls separately on your tickets.

Lotto History: Download New Mega Millions 5/75 game file and New 1/15 mega ball file

Updated free lotto tips: How to win the New Mega Millions Game

If you want to set up a new game file yourself instead of downloading ours, you can do so with these instructions.

Using Wheel Five Gold for 75 numbers: If you are still using the old Mega Millions history file, you won't be able to wheel numbers higher than 56 in Wheel Five Gold. To get the right range automatically, download and select the new history file. Without the new file, to wheel more numbers, from the select history drop down, click on a state name (not a game) and there will be a button at the bottom left of the window that says "No Lotto". Click "No Lotto". Then, when you go to make a wheel, click the "Range" button to change the range to 75.

"Lotto Wheel Five to Win" Kindle E-Book

Buy "Lotto Wheel Five to Win" Kindle Book at (price is subject to change)

Gail Howard's Mexico Travel Adventures

Gail Howard has launched a travel adventure website to share her story and photos of her time in Mexico. Even before she turns 21, the indomitable Gail Howard throws caution and language barriers to the wind as she heads off to Mexico City (and points beyond) by bus, boat, and foot.

Gail Howard's Mexico Travel Adventures
Visit the new website, Gail Howard's Mexico Travel Adventures!

Gail Howard has a surprise for you!

Gail Howard fell in love with the beautiful music she heard during her travels to over 130 countries. She has been inspired to launch a blog devoted to the music that she's heard around the world. Each week, she will share some of her favorites, along with YouTube videos of the songs so that you can enjoy them, too..

Gail Howard's Favorite Music Around the World
Visit the blog, Gail Howard's Favorite Music Around the World!

Gail Howard Article in Womans World October 2012

Gail Howard Article in Womans World October 2012

Womans World magazine has an article on page 24 titled "Secrets of a Lotto Winner" that gives some Gail Howard lotto tips and refers readers to Gail Howard lotto advice for your favorite game listed by state.

The October 29 issue of Womans World is on newsstands now. The cover shows this headline towards the bottom: "Win the lottery! Tricks to pick the numbers with the best odds!"

New Wheel Gold Lottery Wheeling Programs for Windows are NOW AVAILABLE

You can now order Wheel Four Gold, Wheel Five Gold, Wheel Six Gold, and Wheel Ten Gold, the NEW Balanced Wheeling Programs for Windows. These programs have a new user friendly interface, more wheels, and more features. You can use the built in history functions without Advantage Gold by installing the free Lottery Updater and free SLHEdit programs.

Click for more info about the new programs!

Order Lottery Advantage Charts Online

You can now order Lottery Advantage Charts through our online order system. These are printed charts from Advantage Gold software for the lottery game you choose.

Click for more info or to order Lottery Advantage Charts

Newest Lottery Winner: Alvin Ibn-Gazi hits New York Take 5 Jackpot!

The NY Take-5 jackpot on April 2, 2011, worth $43,782, was won with Gail Howard's Power Wheel 53117-1 from the book, Lotto Wheel Five to Win.

Read 2011 New York Take 5 Lotto Jackpot Winner, Alvin Ibn-Gazi's Story

Technical Support Issue - FFWG Updating Problem

If you are running version of FFWG or version of FWGP, these versions have a problem with the updating feature. If you click check for upgrades, you will get an error message. We have a newer version of these programs which fixes this problem. You will need to download the new version directly from our website and reinstall the program. Download Software here. See our FAQ for more about this problem.


Smart Luck is not affiliated with anyone who runs lottery pools or sells lottery tickets since it is illegal to buy lottery tickets on behalf of others. DO NOT TRUST anyone who runs a lottery pool. He could be a crook. Buy your own lottery tickets and keep them in your possession until the drawing.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends out there. I wish for each one of you a red envelope containing a million dollar jackpot. Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Decades of Dollars Multi-State Lotto Game

On February 3, 2011, Decades of Dollars 6/47 begins. This new multi-state game will be. played in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, and Virginia with drawings held twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. To play Decades of Dollars, choose 6 numbers from 1 to 47. See Gail Howard's tips for winning Decades of Dollars.

Ken Dickkerson Passed Away on January 20

I was deeply saddened to learn of Ken Dickkerson’s passing on January 20. Ken was sweet, spiritual, sincere and a very dear friend. His warmth and enthusiasm endeared Ken to all who knew him. I met Ken in the early 1980's through a mutual friend. We had many interests in common – including lottery systems.

After Ken showed me his unique method of picking winning lottery numbers, I suggested that he write a weekly column for the same New York paper where my column appeared and I introduced Ken to the publisher. Ken’s column, Astrological Lottery, has appeared in Lotto News (and its previous editions) since 1985, including the Mega Millions and Powerball editon.

Ken Dickkerson is the ONLY author of a book on lottery systems that has been published by a major publisher. Ken’s book, How to Win Games of Chance was published in 1992 by Ballantine Books. (All other lottery books are self-published, including my own.) Ken is listed as "the lottery psychic" in Paulette Cooper's book, “The 100 Top Psychics of America.” Using Kirilian photography and other esoteric methods, Ken focused his psychic abilities for choosing winning lottery numbers, which he emailed to a long list of faithful subscribers.

I invited Ken to my house to appear with me on the “48 Hours” television show and then other shows followed. Through Ken, I met his good friend, Lloyd Strayhorn, author of the excellent, best selling book, “Numbers and You,” and I appeared on Lloyd’s “Numbers and You,” talk show.

To find out more about Kenneth Dickkerson (a.k.a. Kenneth Dickkersun or Dickerson) and to read testimonials from his happy winners, visit his web site.

My condolences go out to Ken's daughters Karla, Karen and Kristina and his friends and fans. What a loss for his subscribers! He will be missed by us all. But, heaven has gained an angel.

NEW SlhEdit Free Program now available for use with FWGP and FFWG software!

Smart Luck is pleased to announce the release of a new FREE Smart Luck History Editor (SlhEdit) that works with Filtering Full Wheel Generator on 32 or 64 bit Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. This will allow you to view and edit Smart Luck History files, set ranges, select histories, change properties when lotteries change and view extended statistics about the drawings and the numbers drawn. Of course, it does not have all the charts of Advantage Gold, but it does have some new features that were not in the original Advantage Gold and should be of particular use to FFWG users.

Download or see more details about the NEW SlhEdit Free Program.

Newest Lottery Winner: William Whaley hits New York Take 5 Jackpot!

William Whaley of Rockaway, New York won the New York Take 5 jackpot on May 25, 2010, using Gail Howard's Lotto Balanced Wheel® #53124. William split the $78,219 jackpot with two other winners, collecting his share of $26,073. William has had other good luck with Gail Howard's winning systems which he explains in his letter.

Read 2010 New York Take 5 Lotto Jackpot Winner, William Whaley's Story

Newly Redesigned Website

Smart Luck has launced a new look for our website! We hope the cleaner look and simplified pages will make our site even easier to use. We've expanded our old order form by creating a better cart system and checkout process, which will soon have Paypal as an option. Our which products to order section now has product photos and add to cart buttons, our free tips have the products that work for that game on the side, and our slideshow articles have the products that the winners used on the side. We've also expanded the drop down menu to include more links, like the privacy policy, return policy, newsflash, downloads, and software upgrades pages.

Gail Howard Quoted in ABC World News Article

View article: Who Is The Lucky Four-Time Lottery Winner?

Newest Gail Howard Lottery Winner - David Williams wins Maryland Bonus Match 5 in 2010!

Our newest lottery winner, David Williams, won a $52,000 Maryland Bonus Match 5 jackpot. He credits his favorite Lottery "guru" Gail Howard for giving him the tools to play the game successfully.

Gail Howard on the Dr. Pat Radio Show, "Cosmic Connections With Madeline."

On February 26, 2010, Gail Howard appeared on the Dr. Pat Radio Show; she was interviewed by Madeline Gerwick. The show topic was "Lotteries: Turn Dumb Luck into Smart Luck and Give Fate a Helping Hand".

Click play to open the mp3 in your media player.
Listen to Gail Howard on the Dr. Pat Show

Gail Howard's Guest Profile for the Dr. Pat Show.

Lottery Updater and Smart Luck Menu: New Versions

LOTTERY UPDATER program: A new version of our free Lottery Updater is available. This version will detect future new versions automatically and notify you that is available when you start the program. If you so choose, it will install itself. To get this release, start Lottery Updater and check on Help | Check for Upgrade. This option did not work correctly in some versions so if you have trouble with it, you can install the file directly from here.

SMART LUCK MENU program: A new version of SMART LUCK Menu (the main program on the flash drive = ghmenu ) is available. This version mostly addresses the new Filtering Full Wheel Generator and Full Wheel Generator Plus programs in addition to fixing a couple of problems that were reported. The new version will notify you when a new version is available and offer to update itself for you. To get the free update, start the flash drive program (on the flash drive or from an installed copy of it), then click Backup/Install Options and Check for Upgrade. If it does not work for some reason, you can run the updater directly from here.

It's a Treat, Not a Trick - Fantasy 5 Lotto Winner on Halloween

Our newest lottery winner, Patricia Hansen, won $86,077.38 in Florida Fantasy Five prizes including a jackpot split among three winners.

Announcing the release of our newest lottery software, the NEW Filtering Full Wheel Generator!

The Filtering Full Wheel Generator is a Windows program that will run on all 32-bit AND 64-bit versions of Windows including XP, Vista, and Windows 7. The program is an exciting new version of the old Full Wheel Generator with new features that include 19 filters that you can customize and apply to reduce the combinations of your wheel, making the wheels more affordable.

See Filtering Full Wheel Generator for more details about the program.

The price for this program is $49.50 + shipping. For existing Full Wheel Generator owners, the upgrade to FFWG is $25 or only $15 if you upgrade within 90 days of your purchase of Full Wheel Generator.

You can place your Smart Luck order one of 3 ways:
  1. call our order line at 727-441-8906
  2. use our secure online order form
  3. Fill out our online order form, print the form, and send with payment to:
    Smart Luck Software
    PO Box 4921
    Clearwater, FL 33758

Virginia's Mark Wright Played 20 Tickets, All Winners, Using Gail Howard's System

Mark Wright of Warsaw, Virginia, said he was "all jittery" when he won $20,845 in Mega Millions on May 1, 2009. He played 20 tickets and every ticket was a winner. Two tickets paid $10,000 each, and the other 18 tickets totaled $845 in smaller prizes.

Mark sent Gail a thank you letter. After all, he had used the Gail Howard wheeling systems to win, specifically Balanced Wheel® system #53011.

"Gail has simplified the complex with her unique wheeling systems," he wrote. "I've owned this system for only a short period of time. On May 1, 2009, I won $20,845.00. Before that, I've hit several smaller amounts since purchasing Gail's system -- not bad for someone who plays periodically. The Balanced Wheel® system I use is #53011. This system allows me to play a very modest amount of 11 numbers for 20 games with her Smart Pick feature."

Gail Howard's New Mega Millions Lottery Winner

Gail Howard has recently learned of another new lottery winner who used her lottery products to win. Cynthia C. won $250,000 playing Mega Millions on November 11, 2008 in the Ohio. Read Cynthia C.'s Mega Millions lotto winning story and see which Gail Howard lotto strategies she used to win.

Smart Luck has a Facebook Page!

Smart Luck has joined Facebook. If you're a member, become a fan of our Smart Luck Facebook Page to get news updates from us. We will update the page for new product releases, holiday discounts, and other relevant news.

Powerball has changed its format

The Powerball lottery has changed the game's number format again. Powerball is now a 5/59 + 1/39 game instead of the old 5/55 + 1/42 format. The first drawing was Wednesday January 7, 2009.

To update Advantage Gold with these changes, download pb0559.slh and pb0139.slh (NOTE: As of 2012, the correct file is now pb0135.slh). These files are replacing the old pb0555.slh and pb0142.slh, so you can delete those files to avoid confusion. The main powerball file (pb0559.slh) still includes the old results from the game. Once there are enough drawings to work with, we will freeze the game range to ignore past drawings. If you want to freeze the range yourself, you can do so at any time, to any drawing: Select the game, go to chart 4, press F3-Change Range, change the first game to the drawing number you want, then press F3-Lock in First Game.

Please note that Powerball is a multi-state game, so the history file is listed under the game name instead of the state. Florida has been added to the list of states that offer Powerball, but there will not be a "Florida Powerball" file, it is just called "Powerball" for every state.

You can download the new files with any of our free lotto result updating methods.


Office in Cantonment, Florida is CLOSED. Do NOT send mail to us in Cantonment, Florida.

Smart Luck (Books & Software)
PO Box 4921
Clearwater, FL 33758-4921

Call 1-727-441-8906 or place secure online order

email us or call 1-727-441-8714 (1-5 p.m. EST)

FREE New Lottery Updater Program!

Click Lottery Updater for information about the new features and benefits of this free program.

FREE Smart Luck Flash Drive Menu Program Upgrade

The Flash Drive upgrade is for customers who already purchased a Flash Drive with their software. If you have Smart Luck software, but you don't own the Smart Luck Flash Drive, you can find more information about it here.

New Release!
The Smart Luck Flash Drive software upgrade has improved:
  1. The usability of the audio tutorials
  2. The function of "check for upgrades"
  3. The functioning of the history update options -- especially the personal favorites. When choosing favorite files, the list will show you the full name of the lotto game under the pointer so that it is easier to identify the lottery files you want to put on your list. Also the function of updating that list has been improved to make it considerably faster on dialup Internet connections.
  4. All history files from the Lottery Updater are installed only if the last drawing is newer than the last drawing in your file.

TO INSTALL THE NEW UPGRADE: Select the option "Check for Upgrades" on your Smart Luck Flash Drive. If it says your version is already current or doesn't find an upgrade or if it finds an error when it tries to do the upgrade, install the new version free by clicking here. Once you install this upgrade, the "check for upgrades" option will work properly for future updates.

Make sure your Smart Luck Flash Drive is plugged in before you try to upgrade. If you have installed it on your hard drive, it will upgrade both the Flash Drive and the hard drive installation. If you have more than one flash drive with the ghmenu installed, it will upgrade both copies but you may have to run this upgrade more than once.

Please note: If you should encounter an error message created by the upgrade program or the menu program, please tell us as much information as you can about the error, especially what you were doing when the error occurred and what the error message said (only the words, not the numbers). You can send us an email or call the technical support line. (Check our contact page.)

Gail Howard's Number Picks for Powerball $230 Million Jackpot

by Gail Howard

Need help in picking the best Powerball numbers? America's favorite lottery game has an estimated jackpot of $230 million for Wednesday, March 12. To beat the odds of one in 146 million, you need more than luck. You need Smart Luck -- as in my lottery-playing strategies and Web site. Let's look at some smart ways to choose Powerball numbers for the drawing of March 12.

Since the Powerball number field was changed on Aug. 31, 2005, the five white balls are chosen from numbers 1 to 55; and the sixth number, the red ball, is chosen from numbers 1 to 42. The white balls and the red ball are drawn from two different number fields. So, we must analyze them as two separate lotto games, each with their own historical data.


When you add the five white Powerball winning numbers together, you get a sum.

The lowest possible sum is 15. (1+2+3+4+5 = 15)

The highest possible sum is 265 (51-52+53+54+55 = 265)

Although sums as low as 15 and as high as 265 are theoretically possible, the lowest sum of the five Powerball winning numbers drawn since this game began is 50. Only 8 of the drawings had a sum of 80 or lower. The highest sum ever was 230. Only 13 drawings had a sum above 200.

Seventy (70) percent of the sums of all the winning Powerball five white-ball combinations fall within the sum range of 104 to 176. Smart Luck is having the sum of your five white ball Powerball numbers add up to somewhere between 104 and 176, which is the 70-percent most probable range.

Checking the Bias Trackers in my Advantage Gold software, I see that there will be more even numbers than odd numbers; more high numbers (28 to 55) than low numbers (1 to 27); three hot numbers (out ten games or less). Favored last digits are 2 and 6; last digits due are 1, 3 and 9. A skip of 5 (out 5 games) is most due - which means a choice of any of these numbers: 9-12-22-36.

Using the Ten Game Group Count chart, I divided the 55 Powerball white balls into seven groups of eight numbers. The group with numbers 17 to 24 accounted for 26 percent of the all the winning numbers drawn for the past ten games. The poorest performing number group, numbers 33 to 40, accounted for only 8 percent of the winning numbers. The second poorest performing groups, numbers 41 to 46, accounted for 10 percent of the winning numbers drawn. Although one or two of the winning numbers could come from the 17 to 24 group, the Bias favors the poorest performing number groups.

Skip and Hit® Chart produced these number picks: 2-3-8-9-11-13-16-19-23-30-35-37-42-53-54-55.

Lotto Astro Scope Chart produced these number picks: 13-16-22-36-37-42-48-54-55.

Quick Stats produced these number picks: 08-12-13-14-22-26-27-30-35-38-40-42-43-45-50-54.

50-Game Hit Chart Hottest Numbers: 23-31-02-08-11-20-16-18-35-30-55.

50-Game Hit Chart Coldest Numbers: 45-50-36-44-51


The all-important Red Ball makes the difference between winning $200,000 or $230 million! (It also affects other prize categories.)

After the number field changed on Aug. 31, 2005, number 14 has been the hottest Red Ball number, with 13 hits. Next hottest were 37 with 11 hits and 5 with ten hits. Red Ball numbers with nine hits each were: 03-17-23.

Powerball Red Ball numbers with the fewest hits -- only two hits each -- were: 04 and 07. Next lowest ranking were 22-27-33-34-40 with three hits each.

One can never say a Powerball Red Ball is due for a win. Red Ball number 28 skipped 170 drawings between wins; and 14 other numbers have skipped one hundred or more drawings between wins.

The Lotto Astro Scope produced these numbers for the Red Ball: 03-19-32.

Dare I say that if I were to buy one Powerball ticket for the March 12 drawing, I would choose numbers 03-13-19-38-45 for the five white balls and 19 for the Mega Ball number.

Now if all the numbers I've mentioned are enough to confuse you so you can't decide which ones to play, then choose 22 of them, using the Free Interactive wheeling system #3014. Check 22 numbers between 1 and 55, and then click on Generate Combinations. That's all there is to it. Now, go win 230 million dollars with a Gail Howard system!

Interactive Jackpot Winning Wheel 52225 for $270 Million Mega Millions Game

To help you win the $270 million Mega Millions jackpot, use this FREE Gail Howard jackpot-winning 60-Second Interactive Lotto Wheel 52225. System 52225 combines 25 numbers at a ticket cost of only $13. Use either the interactive lotto system 52225 or the static 52225. And read about the two winners who won jackpots with system 52225.

Gail Howard's First 2008 Lottery Jackpot Winner Won $58,837 on January 25, 2008

Gail Howard's first lottery jackpot winner of 2008, John Pickens, won $58,837.00 on January 25, 2008 in the Califiornia Fantasy 5 lotto game. Read John Pickens' lotto winning story and see which Gail Howard lotto system he used to win.

Gail Howard's Lotto Jackpot Winner Won $68,695.30 on Sept. 9, 2007

Gail Howard's lotto jackpot winner, Steve Daw, won $68,695.30 on September 7, 2007 in the Canada National 649 Lottery. Read Steve Daw's lotto winning story and see which Gail Howard lotto system he used to win.

ALL NEW: Flash Drive Memory Stick! Just Plug It In and Run It.

Use Gail Howard's Smart Luck software on ANY 32-bit Windows Computer ANYWHERE using this portable Smart Luck Flash Drive Memory Stick.

Smaller than a pack of gum! Slip it in your pocket and:
  • Use it at work.
  • Use it at the library.
  • Use it at a coffee house.
  • Use it on vacation in any state, any country.

Run any of your Gail Howard Smart Luck programs with a single click.

Your programs come pre-installed and pre-serialized ready to use anywhere.

Leaves NOTHING installed on a borrowed computer!

Has built-in Lottery Updater. Automatically updates all USA and International Lotto and Keno Games with a click.

FREE BONUS: Advantage Alert(TM) audio cassette tapes converted to mp3 files with each chart as a single track. Listen to Gail Howard explain how to use Advantage Gold as you follow along with the program.

See more about the flash drive option.

HOT OFF THE PRESS!! New Edition: Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune 2007!

All new 4th edition of Gail Howard's famous lottery book, Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune 2007, has ALL the lotto wheels used by Gail Howard's biggest pick-6 lotto jackpot winners. The chapter "WHEELS THAT WON LOTTO JACKPOTS," on pages 48 to 58 identifies the winners and the lotto systems they used to win big! You get 328 lotto systems - TWICE as many as in the 3rd edition!!! This means you pay less than seven cents per wheeling system! Of the 328 lotto wheels, 169 cost $20 or less to play; 100 cost $10 or less to play; and 46 cost $5 or less to play.

The 2007 edition has 416 pages of VALUABLE lottery information, and wheels that cover up to all the lotto numbers in your game. You can wheel ALL 49 lotto numbers in a 649 lotto game or ALL 59 lotto numbers in a 6/59 game (or any other lotto game size).

The lottery systems in this book can be used for any pick-6 lotto game in the world - from a pick-6 out of 25 lotto numbers game to a pick-6 out of 90 lottery numbers game.

In addition, there are 19 pick-7 systems for games like Australia Oz Lotto 7/45, Israel Pais 7/70, Norway Lotto 7/34, Canada's Lotto Max 7/50, England's Daily Play 7/27, Slovenia Lotto 7/39, Sweden Lotto 7/35, and Pennsylvania's Super 7 7/77.

Smart Luck Online for Ten Years! celebrates our TENTH anniversary of selling Gail Howard lotto software and lottery books online. We went online on January 10, 1997, TWO YEARS BEFORE went online and TWO YEARS BEFORE went online and three months after Yahoo went online.

This year also celebrates Gail Howard's 25th year since creating her lottery systems, and her 24th anniversary of publishing and selling them. When Gail created her lottery systems the only states that had a lotto game were her home state of New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Gail Howard is America's original pioneer of scientific lottery strategy. Her systems have produced untold thousands of lottery winners and have made dozens of people rich. As you click on the slide show, you can read articles that appeared in magazines and newspapers about the jackpot winners who won with Gail Howard's systems in each of the years of 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, and 2,000 as well as every year throughout the 1990's and 1980's.

In spite of all her jackpot winners, Gail Howard makes no wild advertising claims, nor does she promise the impossible with false hype. That is one reason why Gail Howard is the most respected name in the lottery systems industry.

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