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Use the remote help tool when on the phone with tech support, so they can connect to your computer to solve issues for you.

General Help

FAQS Frequently Asked Questions: The FAQ gives you a list of the most common questions about Smart Luck lottery products and the website so that you can get the answer right away. If you are looking for support issues like printing problems or errors, or product questions, this is the place to start.

Lottery Terms Glossary: Our Glossary guide to lottery terms explains over 100 lotto terms related to Gail Howard's lottery strategies and systems.

Help with History Files

Download Lottery Updater Free Lottery Updater: Use this free program to update your Advantage Gold lotto history files.

Download SLHEdit Free SlhEdit: Use this free program to access the history files you downloaded with the Windows wheel programs including Wheel Gold and FWGP/FFWG.

Free Lotto Results, Lottery Drawings History Files: Lottery results for all USA state lotteries, Canadian and dozens of other countries. Download the files for the games you play to use with Advantage Gold.

Help with Software

Software Downloads Page Software Downloads: Download your purchased Smart Luck lottery software.

Free Lottery Program Patches: Download free Smart Luck lottery software patches. These patches can give you a quick, easy, and free way to update your software. If your software is too old to use these patches, you may need to upgrade your software.

Contact Us

Email Tech Support Info Contact: The best ways to contact Smart Luck.

Email Technical Support: If you have a problem with your purchased Smart Luck lottery software, email us details of the issue for a solution.

Email Product Info Email Product Information: If you are thinking of purchasing and product and have a question about it, email product information.

Submit a Comment or Read ReviewsLeave a Comment: If you would like to leave a comment or review about our products, leave a comment. This form is not for support questions.

Email for Download Install Codes Email for Download Codes: If you've lost your download codes for purchased software, email us for a replacement (limited to new versions only).

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