Smart Luck Contact Form for Requesting Download Codes

Use this form, if you have placed an order by phone and would like your software by download. If you explained that you wanted download codes when placing your order, you should have been given a customer/order ID number, which is required to process your request.

Email for Your Download Codes

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Email Address Problems and Reply Time Frame

Be sure you enter your email address correctly. If you have any typos in the email, we will have no way of replying to your inquiry.

Downloads are NOT immediate! Download orders are processed just like shipped orders. Once your order is processed and you have submitted this form, you can usually expect to receive the codes by the end of business the same day as the order is processed but no later than the next morning.

Please look in your spam/bulk mail folder for the email before contacting us a second time about your download codes. We make every effort to get the download codes sent out as soon as possible.

If your email is blocking us, we will not attempt to send again, so be sure that you allow mail from We will also not answer any automatic replies that ask us to join your list for our email to go through.

AOL customers, especially, please make sure that you have your permissions set to allow a reply from We will not try again if our reply bounces because you have refused it.

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