Glossary of Lottery Terms

Welcome to the Smart Luck Glossary of Lottery Terms. We know that some of the terms we refer to on this website can be confusing, so we've listed many common lottery terms here with explanations of what they mean so that you can understand the lotto lingo and get on the road to learning how to win lotto.

Click on a lotto phrase, and the definition or explanation of what the lottery words mean will appear beneath it. Click the term a second time to remove the definition. At the bottom of each definition, there are buttons you can use to open the page in a separate browser window or print the definition directly. Note: This page is viewed best when JavaScript is enabled.


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-- A --

Adjacent Hit Chart
Adjacent Numbers
Advantage Gold
Alternate Numbers
Average Skips

-- B --

Balanced Game
Balanced Wheel
Ball Sets
Bell Curve
Bias Trackers
Bonus Numbers

-- C --

Cluster Hit Chart
Cluster Skip Chart
Cold Number
Companion Numbers Chart
Companion Pairs
Companion Quads
Companion Triads
Consecutive Numbers

-- D --

Double Bottom
Double Digit Bias
Double Hit Ratio
Drawing Machines
Drawings Between Hits Chart
Drawings Since Hit Chart

-- E --

Even Number
Exhaustion Break
Expected Hits

-- F --

Failed Double Bottom
Filtering Full Wheel Generator
Full Wheels
Full Wheel Generator
Full Wheel Generator Plus

-- G --

Gail Howard
Game Selection
Games Out
Games Out View of History
Games Skipped
Gap Distribution

-- H --

High-Low Bias Tracker
High Numbers
Hit Charts
Hot and Hitting Number
Hot Number

-- J --

-- K --

Keno Wheel

-- L --

Last Digit Bias Tracker
Last Skip
Longest Skip
Long Shot Numbers
Long Term Lotto Trends
Losing Numbers
Lottery Advantage
Lottery Advantage Scoreboard
Lottery Master Guide
Lotto-Astro Scope
Lotto Flag Formation
Lotto History
Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune
Lotto Jackpot
Lotto Odds Calculator
Lotto Pool
Lotto Result
Lotto Scam
Lotto Software
Lotto Strategy
Lotto Trend Reversal
Lotto Wheel Five to Win
Lotto Winning Wheels for Powerball and Mega Millions
Low Numbers
Luke Warm Numbers

-- M --

Maximum Win
Median Skip
Medium Term Lotto Trends
Minimum Win Guarantee
Most Probable Range of Sums
Multiple Hit Pattern Chart
Multiple Hits

-- N --

Neighboring Pairs
Number Combination
Number Field
Number Group
Number Groups Test Drive
Number Groups Bias Tracker
Number Selection

-- O --

Odd Even Bias Tracker
Odd Number
Odds of Winning

-- P --

Pattern Betting
Percentage System
Perpetual Calendar
Pick Size
Power Number Systems
Published Odds Chart

-- Q --

Quadruple Bottom
Quick Picks
Quick Stats Chart

-- R --

Range of Sums
Repeat Hits
Reverse Cascade

-- S --

Short Term Lotto Trends
Skip and Hit® Chart
SLH File
Smart Picks
Standard Deviation
Sum Chart Bias Tracker
Sum Frequency Chart
Supplementary Numbers

-- T --

Technical Corrections
Test Drive
Total Hits
Trailing Numbers Chart
Triple Bottom

-- U --

Unique Gaps

-- V --

-- W --

Wheel Five Gold
Wheel Five Plus
Wheel Four Gold
Wheel Four Plus
Wheeling System
Wheel Six Gold
Wheel Six Plus
Wheel Ten Gold
Winning Number

-- X --

-- Y --

-- Z --

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