Game selection is choosing to play the lotto game with the lowest odds -- which means the lottery game with the fewest numbers to choose from. Selecting the right lottery to play can mean lowering the odds by millions, making it easier to win. A 5/50 game has much worse/higher odds than a 5/30 game, for example. Usually, pick-5 games have much better odds than pick-6 games, and we have had far more pick-5 lotto winners than pick-6 because of this. For instance, in Florida, the Florida Fantasy 5 5/36 game has odds of one in 376,992. Choose to play Florida Lotto 6/53 instead, and you're facing odds of one in 22,957,480. That's more than 60 times higher odds. It is usually worth sacrificing for a lower jackpot by playing a game that's much easier to win. Once you've won a small jackpot, you also have more money to create wheels for the higher odds games. Game Selection is one of Gail Howard's 3 Methods to Win Lotto.

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