Welcome to Smart Luck News Blog

Welcome to Smart Luck News Blog

Lottery Expert Gail Howard was the pioneer of scientific lottery strategy in the USA, internationally recognized as the creator of the most successful lottery systems used in the world: Smart Luck.

SmartLuck, Inc. is excited to bring you our new Lottery Blog. We hope you will find it a fun and easy way to be the first to know about:

  • lotto game changes
  • high jackpots, lottery winner stories, and other lottery news
  • insider tips and free strategies for winning the lottery
  • update notices for our software and books
  • and more!

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New Jersey Cash 5 GAME CHANGE

New Jersey Cash 5 made some changes to its format starting with the June 29, 2020 drawing. The game is now a pick-5 out of 45 numbers (up from 5/43 previously) with odds of one in 1,221,759 (up from previous odds of one in 962,598), and a starting jackpot of $100,000 (up from $75,000).

Game Change Stats

If you use Smart Luck lottery strategy software for this game, the same Advantage Gold program will work for this game. All you have to do is download the new history file. The file still includes the history for the old format, but once there is enough history with the new format, we will lock the game range to exclude the old drawings (which you can choose to use or not yourself). The old game file will no longer be updated.

Similarly, the same pick-5 wheels will still work for this game.

April Fool’s :)

Introducing Rolling in the Dough 5/19 + 1/2

Due to the quarantine for COVID-19, this exciting new lottery is available online only and starts very soon!

How to Play

Rolling in the Dough costs $2 per play.

Select five numbers from 1 to 19 for the white balls; then select your Business number to decide if you are going number one or number two.

Choose your numbers on a digital play slip or click the FLUSH handle to allow the computer to select your numbers for you.

Select the Wash Your Hands button to submit your ticket.

Drawings are held once per week at 8pm EST.

Prizes for Rolling in the Dough

Jackpot: The top prize for matching all five numbers and the correct Business number is one 12 pack of 2-ply toilet paper per week for life! There is no cash out option due to the worldwide toilet paper shortage.

Matching between 1 and 4 numbers plus the Business number will win you one pack of toilet paper, currently valued up to $5,999 on Ebay.

Matching between 2 and 5 numbers without the winning Business number will win you one pack of single ply toilet paper which will hopefully get you through until the next weekly drawing.

Full Details

This is a satirical post! Unfortunately, this great new game does not actually exist. Happy April Fool’s Day! If this post brought a smile to your day, please share, from a safe distance of at least 6 feet only!

Australia Set for Life – GAME CHANGE

Australia Set for Life has made some big changes in its number format. The game was a 8/37+2 bonus numbers, and as of March 23, 2020 is now a 7/44 + 2 bonus game.

Game Change Stats

If you use Smart Luck lottery strategy software for this game, the same Advantage Gold program will work for this game. All you have to do is download the new history file. Note that we had to start a new file due to the severe number format change, so the history starts March 2020.

Kentucky Quick Bucks GAME ENDED

Kentucky Quick Bucks which just started in 2019, has cancelled this game as of 3/14/2020.

Game Change Stats

  • Lottery State: Kentucky
  • Name of Game: Quick Bucks
  • Game Format: 4/31+1/5
  • Change: Game Ended
  • Date Changed: March 14, 2020

See which other lottery games are available to play in Kentucky.

Smart Luck’s 109th lottery jackpot winner!

We have posted a new article about a lottery winner from 1998 who came forward with her win documentation of a Georgia Fantasy 5 jackpot. This is always exciting, no matter how long ago our customer won their lotto jackpot!

lottery jackpot winner

Read Becky Jesse’s winner story here!

Smart Luck products have now helped 109 documented jackpot winners for a total of $102,007,908 in prize money!

Advantage Gold – NEW FEATURES (

Smart Luck Advantage Gold – Build 02/04/2020

The latest FREE release of Advantage Gold adds a new Position Hit chart (Chart P) with position graphs and F1 help. Other charts have expanded features. For details – in Advantage Gold, click Help | See What’s New.

Be sure to install this free update when it is announced by your program or click Help | Check for Upgrade.

You won’t find this chart in the old DOS Advantage Plus which has not changed since 2004. Upgrade Advantage Plus to Advantage Gold for only $30 (it does not require access to serial numbers, or previous copies). Upgrade any of the our DOS Wheel programs to Windows versions for $15 each.

Call 727-441-8906 or order here.

Chart P – Position Hit Chart

Advantage Gold Chart P

Chart P shows the number of times each number hit in each position of the drawing.

Advantage Gold Chart P1

Chart P1 is a graph view of the numbers in one draw position.

Note: This new chart will be more useful for game files where the numbers are entered in drawn order, like our new Powerball file. Note that most lottery game files are not available in position order unless you create a file and add the drawings in drawn order yourself.

Mississippi Powerball and Mega Millions

Mississippi now has an official lottery and they have joined up with the multi-state games Powerball and Mega Millions! You can use the existing Mega Millions and Powerball game files for Smart Luck lottery strategy and wheeling software to strategize for these games.

Game Stats

Idaho 5 Star Draw – NEW GAME

Idaho 5 Star Draw is the newest lottery game to play in the state. It is a 5/45 game similar to Idaho Cash.

The odds of winning the 5 Star Draw jackpot are 1 in 610,880. The prize for hitting all 5 main numbers starts at $250,000.

Game Stats

Canada Max (Lotto/Western/Quebec) GAME CHANGES

Canada has made changes to their LOTTO MAX games. Lotto Max, Quebec Max, and Western Max have added another number to the format. Numbers will be drawn from a range of 1-50. Drawings will now be twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The maximum LOTTO MAX jackpot will increase to $70 million! Additional MAXMILLIONS draws will continue to kick in once the jackpot reaches $50 million. Two new prize categories (5 of 7 +Bonus and 4 of 7 +Bonus) will be added. The price of LOTTO MAX tickets will remain the same.

We have made new game files to reflect the updated number format. Note that you will need to download the new files, as the old ones will no longer be updated – they cannot accept numbers greater than 49 without file property changes. If you use Favorites in Lottery Updater, you will need to go to change your favorites to select the new files.

Game Change Stats