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How are Smart Picks calculated?

We have had some interest in how the Advantage Gold Smart Pick lotto numbers are determined, especially because they are not always the same as the old Advantage Plus software. We have tried to improve our lotto number selection methods for Smart Pick calculations in the new software so you have better odds of winning more lottery prizes. Because we try to give you as much control as possible, you still have the option to use the old methods.

Chart 3 – Quick Stats and Chart 7 – Hit Charts are a couple of the popular Advantage Gold charts that offer automatic Smart Picks to help you quickly and easily choose better lotto numbers to play.


Our older Advantage Plus software used the ratio of current out divided by average skips. A single number out for a very long time would make the average for that number much higher than would be useful. To avoid skewed results, Advantage Gold instead divides by median skips, which are not as sensitive to a single big number.

We know that many of our users would prefer to keep the same method as used by Advantage Plus, so the choice of how we do this is up to the user. In Advantage Gold, the default is the new way. However, the user can easily switch to the method of their choice by using the right-click menu on chart 3: right-click on the chart and select either “Use Out/Med” or “Use Out/Avg (original)“.


  • Expected = (Draw Size * number of drawings used) / poolsize
  • HitRatio = total hits / expected * 100 so it shows as a percentage
  • MidRatio = middle hit ratio for the sorted HitRatio table.
  • testDivisor = (Average Skips) or (Median Skips) based on chart 3 setting


Arranges lotto numbers in order from highest to lowest by out/avg or out/med.

For each number in this sorted list, the number is a Smart Pick if:

  1. (current Out/testDivisor) is greater than .4 {the upper 60%}
  2. HitRatio > MidRatio {hit ratio is in the upper half}
  3. No more than three hits in the last 5 games. This tends to produce more correct hits when the range of drawings is limited. It seems the more drawings are included, the less effective these are.


To select Smart Pick setting: Right click on chart 7 and check or uncheck “Use A+ Original picks”.

Advantage Plus “original” picks

For each number, the number is a Smart Pick if:

  1. Number is out 1 to 9 drawings
  2. Number of hits is less than 1/3rd of the smallest group drawings

Advantage Gold new method picks

AvgRatio = average of middle two ratios for this number

For each number, the number is a Smart Pick if:

  1. AvgRatio is at least as big as the ratio in the rightmost column
  2. No more than 3 hits in last five drawings

This lotto chart is sensitive to the group sizes used, but not the total range setting as long as the middle two column group sizes are reasonably small. If you use the default settings, it often produces reasonable Smart Picks.

More about Advantage Gold lottery software

How to use Smart Luck lotto software on an OSx (apple computers)

How to set up a Mac OS-X (MacBook or IMac) computer to run Smartluck lotto software.


  • MacBook or iMac running OS-X
  • Virtual Machine software – about $70*
  • Licensed Copy of Windows 10 – about $100*
  • Smart Luck software (Advantage Gold, Wheel Gold, etc.)

Although Smart Luck lottery strategy and wheeling software was designed for Windows PC’s and there is no Macintosh version of the programs, you can still install our software on a mac with the use of a Virtual Machine running Windows.

Modern Mac computers use the same Intel chips that are used in PC’s. This is not true for IPad’s and other tablets which typically use very different CPU’s. Because of this it is possible to use Virtual Machine (vm) software to install and run other operating systems on the same computer and switch between them with just a click – no re-boot required. Each vm is completely self contained and does not interfere with any other vm’s or the host machine (the Mac where the vm software is installed). Virtual Machines are like having multiple computers in one.

PARALLELS is the best virtual machine software for OS-X. Parallels Desktop for Mac is available for about $70* from and can be downloaded and installed on your Mac immediately after you place your order. When you open it in your Mac, it will ask for a source for an operating system to install.

Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit doesn’t matter) is also available from for about $100*. Windows 10 Home is all that is required. Once you have purchased a license, you can actually download an ISO file for windows and install it into a vm from that file.

Once everything is set up, whichever operating system is showing is the one that is active, and you can switch between them with a multi-finger slide gesture to drag the windows back and forth.

* All prices shown here are accurate as of the date of this post and may change at any time. Visit for current prices.

Note: We cannot guarantee that we can offer support for installing our software on a Mac.

*NEW* Manual/Tutorial for Advantage Gold!

We are happy to announce that we have released our new PDF instruction manual and tutorial for the Advantage Gold lottery strategy software.

We hope this guide will help you learn more about the software and all it can do. Use the Pennsylvania Dead Lotto 6/40 history file to follow along with the examples in the manual.

Download the new Advantage Gold manual here!

Please let us know if you see any errors in the manual or if you think something should be explained further. We appreciate your feedback!

TIP: Using Chart O History View Filters in Advantage Gold

Chart O doesn’t pick lotto numbers, so it’s one of the less well known ones in Advantage Gold, but it can offer a lot of flexibility. It’s helpful to be aware of your options, so we thought we would put a spotlight on this chart today.

We recently had a question about how to use Advantage Gold to show charts just for the daytime or nighttime drawings in Ireland Daily Million, which now draws twice daily. after years of holding only one drawing per day. There actually was not a way to do this until recently, because we didn’t have ballset/rotation turned on for this game since it wasn’t needed before the change in draw schedule.  However, we have added Day/Night ballsets to the file properties, so you will now see a D or N next to the morning or evening drawings in this game.

The same notation is used in many other twice daily games. Some games will also use numbers to specify the drawing, especially for games with more than 2 drawings in a day. For example, Texas All or Nothing uses 1-2-3-4 as the ballsets, for the 4 times of day that it draws.

Note about Ballset issues: If you use the old Advantage Plus, having ballsets turned on for a keno game will not display correctly because there will be too many fields. If you see this, turn off ballsets in the file properties (option 1, F3-Modify, key down to Ball Set Usage and press space bar until “Not Used” is showing, then F3 to Save). The only option for ballsets with keno is to upgrade to Advantage Gold.

How to set Advantage Gold to only use morning or night drawings

  • Go to Chart O in Advantage Gold by selecting it from the Pick Chart drop down box or pressing the ‘o‘ key (this is a letter, not the number 0).
  • Click the 8. Ballset/Rotation link.
  • Check the box next to D or N to show only day or night drawings.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • Click Done.
Advantage Gold: Chart O - History View Filters, showing filter #8 to limit to a specific rotation.

Advantage Gold: Chart O – History View Filters, showing filter #8 to limit to a specific rotation.

To remove the filter, go back into Chart O and press the Clear Filters button at the bottom, and then Done.

Other Filter Options

There are other options to filter history besides Ballset/Rotation. The most popular one is Day of the Week. Many people would like to view only Wednesday drawings, for example. It’s easy to do with this filter.

  • Day of the Week
  • Day of the Month
  • Months
  • Astro Periods
  • Specific Sums
  • Sum Range
  • Hits With

The numbers shown under an option are how many drawings would be used with this filter turned on. The total number is shown above the apply button after you select some options in a filter.

Once you have a filter selected, you will see a * next to the number of records at the bottom left of the screen – this means a filter has been applied.

You can try out all kinds of options to see which show the best trends for your game. And don’t forget, you can also change the game range easily.

TIP: How to Change Game Range in Advantage Gold

About Game Changes and Advantage Gold

Our Advantage Gold lottery software can use any group of drawings in the .SLH Smart Luck history file that you select. In most cases, our files have drawings from the beginning of the game, but many games have changed number format multiple times. In cases like these, we wait until a game has at least 50-60 drawings (enough to use medium term charts) in the new format, and then we will lock the game range in the file so that the default is to use only drawings with the current number format. This prevents older drawings from skewing the results in the charts that would have occurred because the lower numbers have been drawn many more times than the numbers that were recently added.

Powerball Changes

We recently locked the range in the Powerball file to start at the October 2015 drawing when Powerball first started its current number format, which confused some customers. But, we’d like to assure you that you can still use the older drawings in the Powerball file – just change the Range setting!

Game Range Setting in Advantage Gold

We’d like to call attention to the Range feature of Advantage Gold that you may or may not be familiar with. This option was also available in the old Advantage Plus, but it works a little differently in the new program.

The Game Range setting can be accessed by clicking the blue circle with a white R. This icon:

There are many options for finding and accessing the Range setting, using any of the following:

  • The Range icon located on the top icon bar of the main screen of Advantage Gold
  • The Range icon and Change Active Range link on the right-click menu from the main screen
  • The Range icon and Change Active Range link under the Edit dropdown menu
  • At the bottom of the screen which also shows the current draw number and date range that the program is using.
  • CTRL+R will also access the Range feature

When you click the Range icon, this settings screen will open:


The Set Range window lists a chart for Structure Changes which shows you the drawing range, date range, and numbers used, for each format change the game went through. For Powerball, there were changes 7 different times from its start in 1992. As you can see in the example above, the original 5/45+1/45 game is much different from the current 5/69+1/26 format. We have started at draw 2449

If you want to change the range, you can do any of the following:

  • Click the checkbox to use a fixed range of however many drawings.
  • Change the starting (and/or ending) draw to any starting date.
  • Click a range in the Structure Changes chart to use that draw range.
  • To use the whole range, change starting draw to 1.

You can switch the Range from the bottom of any chart as well, which can be helpful if you want to use fewer drawings for short term charts, or compare past Smart Picks to see how they performed against the past winning numbers. Don’t forget, you can also use the – and + key to move the range back and forward by one drawing at a time!

The Lottery – How to turn a game of luck into a game of skill!

Dreaming of winning a lotto?

Can you see yourself sitting on a tropical beach, or driving your new sports car, and feeling stress-free because your mortgage and credit card bills are payed off? For most people, this might only possible if you win the lottery. That’s why millions dream of winning a lotto jackpot. But, with Smart Luck, that dream can be a reality!
win lotto

Some lotto games are better than others

If you choose the right game to play, you can improve your odds of winning automatically by a huge amount. Don’t jump in the Powerball mosh pit with odds of 1 in 292,201,338 (yes, that’s almost as difficult as picking ONE specific person out of all of the people living in the United States). Instead, start with a pick-5 game like Cash 5 or Fantasy 5. You won’t win millions, but you are much more likely to get a nice chunk of cash which could help you pay off bills and still leave you with a nice lotto fund to work on the high jackpot games later.

But, what lottery numbers should you play?

Well, there are many ways you can choose your numbers that are much better than using birthdays or ages or Quick Picks. “Yeah, right, lottery numbers are random,” you are probably thinking to yourself right now. Yes, they are! However, even numbers that are drawn randomly form patterns that are somewhat predictable. Studying these lotto number trends can give you a huge advantage in winning more prizes! Lotto software like Advantage Gold makes it easy to recognize these patterns so you can pick hot lotto numbers.

Now, what if you could GUARANTEE you’d win a 2nd prize at lotto, for example?

Smart Luck Balanced Wheels can give you such a guarantee. If you take a larger group of numbers you selected (preferably by tracking lotto patterns!), and overlap them into the right combinations on your tickets, you WILL win a minimum prize if the winning numbers are in the group that you chose to wheel. It’s that easy! We even offer wheels that have won jackpots for others, for FREE at

More Secrets to Winning the Lottery

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