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How to use Smart Luck lotto software on an OSx (apple computers)

How to set up a Mac OS-X (MacBook or IMac) computer to run Smartluck lotto software.


  • MacBook or iMac running OS-X
  • Virtual Machine software – about $70*
  • Licensed Copy of Windows 10 – about $100*
  • Smart Luck software (Advantage Gold, Wheel Gold, etc.)

Although Smart Luck lottery strategy and wheeling software was designed for Windows PC’s and there is no Macintosh version of the programs, you can still install our software on a mac with the use of a Virtual Machine running Windows.

Modern Mac computers use the same Intel chips that are used in PC’s. This is not true for IPad’s and other tablets which typically use very different CPU’s. Because of this it is possible to use Virtual Machine (vm) software to install and run other operating systems on the same computer and switch between them with just a click – no re-boot required. Each vm is completely self contained and does not interfere with any other vm’s or the host machine (the Mac where the vm software is installed). Virtual Machines are like having multiple computers in one.

PARALLELS is the best virtual machine software for OS-X. Parallels Desktop for Mac is available for about $70* from and can be downloaded and installed on your Mac immediately after you place your order. When you open it in your Mac, it will ask for a source for an operating system to install.

Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit doesn’t matter) is also available from for about $100*. Windows 10 Home is all that is required. Once you have purchased a license, you can actually download an ISO file for windows and install it into a vm from that file.

Once everything is set up, whichever operating system is showing is the one that is active, and you can switch between them with a multi-finger slide gesture to drag the windows back and forth.

* All prices shown here are accurate as of the date of this post and may change at any time. Visit for current prices.

Note: We cannot guarantee that we can offer support for installing our software on a Mac.