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Advantage Gold Auto-Apply Filter Tutorial

Many lotteries have added “Double Play” drawings or additional drawings per day. When you buy a ticket, your numbers apply to the double play drawings ONLY if you paid the extra for that option. For the day and night drawings, when you buy a ticket, it is purchased specifically for a particular drawing.

Problem: How to separate the drawings to use only the day or only the night drawings or only the non-double play drawings?

Solution: Use Chart O runtime filters and to make your choice stick, use the new Auto Apply Filter. For the most popular Lottery games, we have duplicated the history in two files, one with a “d” extension, one without. The one without does not contain the double play drawings at all. The other file has both. With this option you really no longer need both files since you could easily split them either way you want.

This Auto Apply filter was added on August 10, 2023.

TUTORIAL If you follow this example in Advantage Gold, the process should be very clear to you.

Select the New York Take 5 as an example of how this is useful. It has Midday drawings shown with Ball set D, and Night drawings with Ball set N. A recent tech inquiry asked how to eliminate the midday drawings since the user only intended to play the night game and wanted only those drawings in the charts.

The way you did it is to go to chart O, Runtime filters, using the Pick-Chart drop-down or just touch the letter O on the main window, then letter B. The New York lottery had a lot of drawings before they started the Midday drawings, those earlier drawings had no ball-sets and therefore show as “none” in the chart but they were evening drawings just like the N’s. So if you want to just exclude the midday drawings check None and N. And previously you would just click apply.

The next time this file was opened you would have to do that again. Notice the new checkbox here, “□ Apply automatically when the file is opened.” If you check that box then click Apply, the midday drawings will automatically disappear whenever you access this file.

You can see all the D drawings are gone. They are still in the file, just not loaded in memory and all of the charts use only the drawings that are in memory.

So now switch to the New York Keno game, then re-open the NY Take 5 and you can see it is still showing only the N’s (and blanks if you scroll back far enough) — The filter has been applied automatically.

If you try to edit the drawings, a window comes up that says the file is filtered. If you click ok, the entire file is loaded and you can proceed to make whatever changes you want. At this point reload the file to get the filtering back.

How to undo the automatic filter: If you click Clear Filters in Option O, it will remove the entry in the configuration file and the full unfiltered history will be loaded thereafter.

Because we provide the history updates with Lottery Updater, you will seldom make changes to the file so this should not be a problem. If you switch between AGH and SLH files the filter will still be applied to whichever you select.

If you select File | Preferences or History file properties, it will reload the unfiltered file first, then apply the filters when you exit and the file is reloaded.