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Powerball File Changes – Sorting Numbers

We have changed the Powerball .slh file in order to add the numbers in draw order. This was due to a request by some customers. It is one of the only game files that we have available in draw order. However, not everyone wants the numbers in draw order, so we have also added a new feature in Advantage Gold that will work for the new Powerball file.

Sorting Powerball numbers in Advantage Gold .SLH file

  1. To see the drawings in sorted order:
    • Right click and select “Show Draws Sorted”.
    • Uncheck it to see the draws back in order drawn.
  2. To force the setting to be checked whenever this file is loaded:
    Click File | Preferences | Other, then check Auto select “Show Sorted” on Startup.
    This will force the file to show sorted when it is loaded but keeps the original order on the disk copy so you could always still see the information in order drawn by un-checking.
  3. To change your copy of the file to sorted only:
    • Click File | SLH Properties, or click the hammer icon then
    • Check Autosort Drawings
    • If you want to remove the ballsets, check No Ballsets
    • Click SAVE and click YES.
      This makes the file on the disk the same as what you see. The only way to get back the order drawn would be to download the file again from our web site.

NOTE: This ability requires Advantage Gold release or newer. Previous releases prevented saving changes to history files in the demo version.


If you do not own Advantage Gold, install it from our web site, then use it in Demo Mode. #3 above will work to get the file in the sorted low to high format.

How to use Smart Luck lotto software on an OSx (apple computers)

How to set up a Mac OS-X (MacBook or IMac) computer to run Smartluck lotto software.


  • MacBook or iMac running OS-X
  • Virtual Machine software – about $70*
  • Licensed Copy of Windows 10 – about $100*
  • Smart Luck software (Advantage Gold, Wheel Gold, etc.)

Although Smart Luck lottery strategy and wheeling software was designed for Windows PC’s and there is no Macintosh version of the programs, you can still install our software on a mac with the use of a Virtual Machine running Windows.

Modern Mac computers use the same Intel chips that are used in PC’s. This is not true for IPad’s and other tablets which typically use very different CPU’s. Because of this it is possible to use Virtual Machine (vm) software to install and run other operating systems on the same computer and switch between them with just a click – no re-boot required. Each vm is completely self contained and does not interfere with any other vm’s or the host machine (the Mac where the vm software is installed). Virtual Machines are like having multiple computers in one.

PARALLELS is the best virtual machine software for OS-X. Parallels Desktop for Mac is available for about $70* from and can be downloaded and installed on your Mac immediately after you place your order. When you open it in your Mac, it will ask for a source for an operating system to install.

Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit doesn’t matter) is also available from for about $100*. Windows 10 Home is all that is required. Once you have purchased a license, you can actually download an ISO file for windows and install it into a vm from that file.

Once everything is set up, whichever operating system is showing is the one that is active, and you can switch between them with a multi-finger slide gesture to drag the windows back and forth.

* All prices shown here are accurate as of the date of this post and may change at any time. Visit for current prices.

Note: We cannot guarantee that we can offer support for installing our software on a Mac.

*NEW* Manual/Tutorial for Advantage Gold!

We are happy to announce that we have released our new PDF instruction manual and tutorial for the Advantage Gold lottery strategy software.

We hope this guide will help you learn more about the software and all it can do. Use the Pennsylvania Dead Lotto 6/40 history file to follow along with the examples in the manual.

Download the new Advantage Gold manual here!

Please let us know if you see any errors in the manual or if you think something should be explained further. We appreciate your feedback!

TIP: Using Chart O History View Filters in Advantage Gold

Chart O doesn’t pick lotto numbers, so it’s one of the less well known ones in Advantage Gold, but it can offer a lot of flexibility. It’s helpful to be aware of your options, so we thought we would put a spotlight on this chart today.

We recently had a question about how to use Advantage Gold to show charts just for the daytime or nighttime drawings in Ireland Daily Million, which now draws twice daily. after years of holding only one drawing per day. There actually was not a way to do this until recently, because we didn’t have ballset/rotation turned on for this game since it wasn’t needed before the change in draw schedule.  However, we have added Day/Night ballsets to the file properties, so you will now see a D or N next to the morning or evening drawings in this game.

The same notation is used in many other twice daily games. Some games will also use numbers to specify the drawing, especially for games with more than 2 drawings in a day. For example, Texas All or Nothing uses 1-2-3-4 as the ballsets, for the 4 times of day that it draws.

Note about Ballset issues: If you use the old Advantage Plus, having ballsets turned on for a keno game will not display correctly because there will be too many fields. If you see this, turn off ballsets in the file properties (option 1, F3-Modify, key down to Ball Set Usage and press space bar until “Not Used” is showing, then F3 to Save). The only option for ballsets with keno is to upgrade to Advantage Gold.

How to set Advantage Gold to only use morning or night drawings

  • Go to Chart O in Advantage Gold by selecting it from the Pick Chart drop down box or pressing the ‘o‘ key (this is a letter, not the number 0).
  • Click the 8. Ballset/Rotation link.
  • Check the box next to D or N to show only day or night drawings.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • Click Done.
Advantage Gold: Chart O - History View Filters, showing filter #8 to limit to a specific rotation.

Advantage Gold: Chart O – History View Filters, showing filter #8 to limit to a specific rotation.

To remove the filter, go back into Chart O and press the Clear Filters button at the bottom, and then Done.

Other Filter Options

There are other options to filter history besides Ballset/Rotation. The most popular one is Day of the Week. Many people would like to view only Wednesday drawings, for example. It’s easy to do with this filter.

  • Day of the Week
  • Day of the Month
  • Months
  • Astro Periods
  • Specific Sums
  • Sum Range
  • Hits With

The numbers shown under an option are how many drawings would be used with this filter turned on. The total number is shown above the apply button after you select some options in a filter.

Once you have a filter selected, you will see a * next to the number of records at the bottom left of the screen – this means a filter has been applied.

You can try out all kinds of options to see which show the best trends for your game. And don’t forget, you can also change the game range easily.

Wheel Gold Demo Program

Did you know you can download and install Wheel Gold and try it in demo mode for free? This allows you to view the available wheels, try a lotto wheel, and get a feel for how the lottery program works. Find out more about how to use Wheel Gold lotto software in free Demo Mode.


How to see Wheel Gold Demo after a purchased Wheel Gold is already installed without un-installing and re-installing anything

If you already have one Wheel Gold program but would like to view Demo Mode for the other Wheel Gold libraries, you can do this, but you will need to install the Wheel Gold program again in a separate folder, for using Demo Mode using these instructions:

  1. Right click on the W* icon on the desktop and choose copy.
  2. Paste it to the desktop by right click and choose Paste. Name it Demo Wheel Gold though you could keep whatever name windows gives it.
  3. Right click on this new icon and choose Properties.
  4. Click on the TARGET field and move the mouse to the rightmost position (or press the END key).
  5. At this point type a space then /demo
  6. Click OK

This shortcut will open the Wheel Gold as a demo. The original icon will open it normally.