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Program upgrades are only available for purchase to those who have owned prior versions of the same program they want to upgrade. If you have never purchased a version of the program you are interested in, you are not eligible to purchase an upgrade for it. See Lottery Software to purchase new software.

Upgrades for any of our lottery software packages that you previously purchased are made available at a significant discount - only $15-30 each. Upgrades do NOT require access to older version disks. All upgrades are complete programs that are always the newest release available and completely replace any older versions of the same program and can be installed over old versions or as a new installation.

VALID SERIAL NUMBERS REQUIRED: You must enter a valid serial number from your prior order that matches the upgrade you chose. You will not be able to add an upgrade to your cart without this number. SEE FAQ for Trouble Entering Serial Number

The current program versions shown in bold below are the newest versions of our programs. If you already own the current version and want a flash drive or a replacement CD choose the Flash Drive Current Version Special upgrade or select "Replacement CD - $10" for the upgrade. If you have lost download codes to a CURRENT version program, you can contact tech support to request replacement codes for download only.

Program Upgrade Type Price Select Upgrade
Advantage Gold
Upgrade FROM Advantage Plus TO
Advantage Gold Version 4.0
Reg. $30.00 + S&H

Wheel Six Gold
Upgrade FROM Computer Wheel or Wheel 6 Plus TO
Wheel Six Gold Version 4.0
Reg. $15.00 + S&H

Wheel Five Gold
Upgrade FROM Computer Wheel 5 or Wheel 5 Plus TO
Wheel Five Gold Version 4.0
Reg. $15.00 + S&H

Wheel Four Gold
Upgrade FROM Wheel 4 Plus TO
Wheel Four Gold Version 4.0
Reg. $15.00 + S&H

Wheel Ten Gold Keno
Upgrade FROM Keno Wheel TO
Wheel Ten Keno Gold Version 4.0
Reg. $15.00 + S&H

Filtering Full Wheel Generator
Upgrade FROM Full Wheel Generator or FWG Plus TO
Filtering Full Wheel Generator Version 4.0
Reg. $15.00 + S&H

Flash Drive Current Version Special
Get any current version programs you own on a flash drive. If you own Advantage Plus or a Wheel Plus program, this special WILL NOT upgrade your software to the Gold version as they are different programs/versions.
$35.00 ($10.00 Upgrade + $25 Flash Drive) + S&H

Download Only upgrades do not have a shipping charge. Shipping for a CD or flash drive varies depending on your location and other items in your order. See our Shipping Rate Chart here.

Actual software that is shipped is ALWAYS the most recent version available, even if it is newer than shown here.
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