A: Upgrades are available for purchase to those who have purchased an older version of the same program type in the past. You must have access to the serial number from your previously owned program to order an upgrade online. Serial numbers are program and version specific.

Select the correct program to UPGRADE TO

First, make sure you are looking at the correct Smart Luck lottery program. The first column on the upgrades page shows the program you will be upgrading TO.

Select the correct program and version you're UPGRADING FROM

The first column on the upgrades page shows the program you are upgrading FROM and TO. Or choose a replacement CD if you already own the current version.

Enter Your Serial Number

When you add an upgrade to your cart, you will be prompted to enter your serial number. This number was shipped or emailed with your previous order. If you've lost this number, contact us for the number. Enter only the serial number, not the version number or anything else with it. If you see a period in your serial number, that is part of the three digit VERSION number (i.e. v3.55 or v4.00). The version number is NOT included as part of the serial number. This number can be entered with or without the dash. A serial number is required to order upgrades online.

Order by Phone

If you're still having trouble ordering an upgrade online, you can place your order by phone. Call our order line at 727-441-8906 from 8am-5pm Eastern time Monday through Friday excluding US Postal Holidays. We will locate your past order in our customer database and find your serial number for you.

New Software

If you have never purchased a version of the program in the past, you will need to order new software from the lotto software page.

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