Smart Luck Contact Form for Requesting Program Serial Numbers

If you want to order an upgrade for a program you purchased in the past, but you can't locate your serial number which is required to order online, use this form to request your number be sent to you. You must provide enough information here for us to locate your records in our database. If you used a prior name, email address, or address, please include both your current one and the one you ordered under, so we can update your record.

If you have never ordered from us, please do not use this form, as we can only give you a serial number if we have proof that you've ordered. If you ordered recently, and your order has not been processed yet, using this form will not speed up your order. Please wait for the email with your download codes or your shipped software to arrive.

Email for Your Serial Number

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Email Address Problems and Reply Time Frame

Be sure you enter your email address correctly. If you have any typos in the email, we will have no way of replying to your inquiry.

We make every effort to reply to all emails in a timely fashion. If you send us an email and don't get a reply within two business days, it most likely means that you have given us an invalid email address as your return address. Please check for this and even "reply" to a test email sent to yourself and work with your ISP until it works before contacting us again. If our reply bounces, we have no way to get back to you. Also check your spam or bulk mail folder in case our reply was sent there.

If your email is blocking us, we will not attempt to send again, so be sure that you allow mail from We will also not answer any automatic replies that ask us to join your list for our email to go through.

AOL customers, especially, please make sure that you have your permissions set to allow a reply from We will not try again if our reply bounces because you have refused it.

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