Proof of Smart Luck Lottery Jackpot Winners

Because Smart Luck lotto software and lottery books, created by lotto expert Gail Howard, have won an incredible number of first prize jackpots, some skeptics believe that our claims are not true. We have posted on our website dozens of cover stories about Smart Luck jackpot winners, stories that have appeared in newspapers and lottery magazines from 1985 to present. With all this compelling evidence, no reasonable person will doubt the veracity of our winners.

Find lotto winning testimonials from other winners as well as the jackpot winners. As you click on each picture and read each story, you will find jackpot winners who won with Smart Luck lottery systems in 2016, 2013, 2011, as well as every year throughout the 00's, 90's and 80's.

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Smart Luck's are the only lotto jackpot winning systems that have actually won millions of dollars for dozens of real people. As far as it is known in the entire lottery industry worldwide, no other lottery products can make that claim.

(Beware of misleading claims by lottery "experts" who boast they "predicted," "suggested," "wheeled," "picked" or "recommended" jackpots - when no money was actually won by anybody!)

Not one lottery competitor can honestly claim to have made dozens of people rich and back it up with proof as we do. Proof of the best lottery systems is the number of jackpots won with them — fully documented, of course. If the competitor's systems have not won any jackpots, then the claim to being the best is just a sales pitch, empty hype — such as bragging about "tight wheels" (which never won a single jackpot).

109 First Prize Lottery Jackpots Worth $102,007,908 Won With Smart Luck Lotto Systems

Most of our jackpot winners are convinced they will win another Big One soon... and some of them have. Two of our jackpot winners have won THREE first prize lotto jackpots each. And three Smart Luck lottery winners have won TWO first prize lotto jackpots each.

Why is the average per capita win so low? Most of the recent jackpot wins have been in the cash 5 games, which we recommend above all other types of lotto games in our lottery literature.

The smallest jackpot prize paid $13,325 to a 5/26 Florida Fantasy 5 winner in 1994, a game that had the nation's lowest lotto jackpot odds — one chance in 65,780. When you compare the odds of 1 chance in 35 of getting a direct hit in Roulette to the lotto game with the lowest odds of 65,780, winning even a 5/26 lotto game is quite a feat.

Winning a lotto jackpot is not easy. There is no such thing as a guaranteed jackpot win — unless you buy every possible combination. (The 5/26 game just mentioned would cost you $65,780.00 in tickets for just one drawing — and then you may have to split the prize with other winners.)

No ethical person selling a lottery product will guarantee you will win the lottery. Only a con artist would make such a claim. That really would be too good to be true! SMARTLUCK lottery systems reduce the odds, but unfortunately no system can eliminate the odds entirely, or there would be no lotteries.

In spite of all our jackpot winners, we make no wild advertising claims, nor do we promise the impossible with false hype. That is one reason why Gail Howard and Smart Luck are the most respected name in the lottery systems industry.

Sometimes skeptics will post concerns like this: "Anyone who is selling software to win the lottery is scamming you. If it worked so well, they wouldn't sell it; they would simply keep winning lotteries and keeping the money. That's what I would do, and if you think about it, so would you." This is the typical attitude of selfish people who view others through their own inadequacies.

We often hear, "If Smart Luck lottery systems are so good, why are you selling them? Why not keep them for yourselves?" The answer is: There are hundreds of jackpots up for grabs each week and no one can corner the market on winning lottery jackpots. We love helping others win lotto, sharing their joy and welcoming another very special person to the exclusive Club of Gail Howard Lottery Jackpot Winners.

Although Smart Luck has made dozens of people rich, lotto expert Gail Howard herself did not won a first prize jackpot - and neither have the authors of the hundreds of other lottery books and lottery software programs sold in stores and on the internet.

However, before moving to Nevada (a state without a lottery), Gail Howard won 72 pick-6 lotto prizes in one year in the New York Lotto game, dramatically beating the odds. See the verification that Gail won seven pick-6 lotto prizes in ONE drawing here: Multiple Prize Wins and Degrees of Luck.

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