Downloading Free Lottery Results History Files

These files are current up to (but not including)

About Our Free Lottery Results

Our free lotto results include lottery game drawings from all over the world, including all of the games listed in the boxes towards the bottom of this page. Our winning number history files are most often complete with all of the drawings of that lottery since its beginning or since its most recent game format change, so there is plenty of data to strategize with; and there is no problem if you miss updating for some time since all the game draws are always included.

Find out what the winning numbers were for your lotto game. It's easy to download the most current lottery history results. SLH (Smart Luck History) files are binary files that are usable only by the Smart Luck Advantage Gold program or our SLH Edit program which can be connected to new Smart Luck wheeling programs.

This page is for downloading and installing the history files manually. You can download individual lotto game files or file sets from this page to easily update your files in just a few seconds and get free lottery results. The files are provided at no charge. The preferred method is the Lottery Updater program.

Note that our files are guaranteed to be updated every Monday, but we do our best to provide new updates daily Monday-Friday. You can update a game yourself in between our updates by following the instructions here.

Download the SLH Zip File Sets Manually

Download the SLH Files sets for free lottery results you need. Make a shortcut to the file(s) you want and use the shortcut(s) once or a few times a week to update your computer with the newest lotto drawings.

Download Usa File Set Download USA History SetDownload USA Lotto History Results
Includes all USA lotto history files that we track EXCEPT for 12/24 All or Nothing type games.
Download International File Set Download International History SetDownload International Lotto History Results
Includes all International lotto files that we track.
See full list of games below.
Download Keno File Set Download Keno Lotto History Results
Includes all Keno lotto drawings that we track.
See full list of games below.

Instructions for downloading the lotto history file sets:

  1. To download a lotto history set, click on the download link or icon for the set you want to install.
  2. From the pop up box, select "RUN" if possible, or save to your desktop and then open the file from its saved location to continue with the install. Note: Your browser may be set to download to a default downloads folder. If you don't know where the file went, look in your browser's tools menu for Downloads.
  3. Click through the security warning if there is one. When the file shows the date of the lotto histories files, click "OK"
  4. Click "UNZIP". Note: You do not have to run Winzip

Instructions for making a shortcut to the file on your desktop

  1. Right click on a blank spot on your desktop.
  2. Hover over the "NEW >" line and select "SHORTCUT" from the list.
  3. When the Create Shortcut menu pops up, type or copy/paste this link into the text box: "" without the quotes. Change usa.exe to nonusa.exe for International Sets or keno.exe for Keno sets.
  4. Click "NEXT".
  5. Type in the name that you want to appear under the icon, for example "USA History".
  6. Click "FINISH" and you should see the icon appear on your desktop.

Download Individual SLH Files Manually

Instructions for downloading individual slh files:

  1. Close Advantage Gold or SLHEdit if open (if it is open, the file currently selected will be write protected on the disk and will not be able to be updated).
  2. Then click on the file you want to download (or Right-click the file, select Save-As) in the USA or International lists below.
  3. When the Save As file window opens, first MAKE SURE the "Files of Type" field shows "All Files" and not "Internet Files" or anything else.
  4. Locate the folder where Advantage Gold is installed. Insert the characters "c:\gh\" (without quotes) in the front of the filename so that it reads, for example, c:\gh\fl0653.slh (or navigate to the C:\GH folder in the top "Save In" drop down box). You should see a warning message that the file exists (unless this is the first time you have used the particular file). If you don't see this warning, you are probably downloading the file to the wrong location (or this is your first time installing). In order to get the results update, you will need to click the "YES" button to indicate that you want to replace the existing file.
  5. When download is complete you will be able to view the current lotto history results in your file in Advantage Gold.
Note: See cautions below.

Note: Multi-State games like Powerball and Mega Millions are listed in Advantage Gold by the game name, not by the state or country.

U.S. Lottery Files - Winning Number Results

Arizona Lottery
Arkansas Lottery
California Lottery
Colorado Lottery
Connecticut Lottery
Washington DC
Delaware Lottery
Florida Lottery
Georgia Lottery
Idaho Lottery
Illinois Lottery
Indiana Lottery
Iowa Lottery
Kansas Lottery
Kentucky Lottery
Louisiana Lottery
Maine Lottery
Maryland Lottery
Michigan Lottery
Minnesota Lottery
Mississippi Lottery
Missouri Lottery
Montana Lottery

Non-U.S. Lottery Files - Winning Number Results

(+b = One Bonus Number, +2b = Two Bonus Numbers,
+3b = Three Bonus Numbers)

SLH File Cautions

Advantage Gold Versions

ONLY Advantage Gold release 3.44 or newer will be able to read files in this format. Lotteries that use zero as a valid lotto number will not work properly with Advantage Gold versions older that release 3.44. If you have Advantage Gold Versions 3.43a or newer, a free download program patch is available that will update your program to the current version 3.55. If you have an earlier version than 3.43a, you can purchase a program upgrade.

Netscape Problems

Some versions of Netscape have a bug in their browsers that will not correctly download some of the files (even files that download correctly can suddenly fail the next time you try it). The dates will appear messed up, but in actuality the file will not be usable. To avoid this problem, use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or the free Lottery Updater.

Files Work in Smart Luck Programs Only

These files are not executable files, text files, or zip files and if you download them and click on them with windows explorer it will not know what to do with them. If you open them with a text editor, you will only see gibberish. Only the Smart Luck Advantage Gold program can use them directly, and then only if placed in the same folder/directory and named with the .slh file name extension. The Smart Luck SLHEdit program can also read them which can allow you to use the files in Wheel Gold or FFWG/FWGP.

Tracking New Lottery Files

We may track other Non-US lottery files on request provided we have access to an electronic form of the past drawing history that is convertable to our program, and an Internet site that maintains current drawing results in a reasonably timely fashion. See our FAQ on tracking history files for more information.

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