A: Advantage Gold tracks the lotto histories for many games, but not all. If you live in the US and can't find the game you play, then we probably don't know about it, especially if it is a new game. Note that multi-state games are listed by the game name and not the State (for example, Powerball is pb0559.slh; it is not listed as Arizona Powerball, Texas Powerball, etc since the results are the same). Exceptions that we will not track are daily digit pick-3/pick-4 games and some keno games that have too many drawings per day. See lottery alert to see if your game has recently been added, and if not, please let us know about the game.

If you live outside the US, and your country has no games shown on the Advantage Gold lottery game list, there are several possibilities:
1) Your country may not have any official lotteries.
2) There may not be a high demand for the histories of that game. There are so many lottery games across the world that we can only track those games played in countries where we have enough customers to justify tracking the game.
3) We may not have access to the full drawing history and an official website that is regularly updated with the lottery drawing results for that game (preferably in English).

Requesting a Game be Added

If there is an official game, you will need to provide us the following information for your game to be considered: Please note that just sending us the website is not enough for us to create the game, and we will need enough demand for the game to continue tracking it. Unfortunately, we can't go through hundreds or thousands of past drawings to hand enter them.

Advantage Gold cannot import game results

There is no import option in Advantage Gold, so you cannot add your own text/excel file to the program this way. There is also no way to copy and paste more than a single drawing at a time.

How to Create a Custom Game File and Update It

Otherwise, you can still make the game file and enter the drawings into Advantage Gold yourself with these simple FAQ instructions or those available in the manual.

Book Option

If getting a history file going for your game is not feasible, you may be interested in the Lottery Master Guide book instead of Advantage Gold software. This book will teach you how to create the charts from the program by hand. You will still need to use your game's lotto history to make the charts, but you can use a print out from the lottery website in most cases.


Note that even if you can't use Advantage Gold for your game, you may be able to use wheels instead. Balanced wheels can still improve your odds of winning the lotto, and they are by game type, not location, so they work worldwide. See Wheel Gold for more info.

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