A: Though our products will work for 10/20/80 type Keno games, we can only track game history for lottery games that draw only once or twice per day. There are many locations with Keno games that draw every four or five minutes. For obvious reasons, we cannot provide updates for this many drawings per day.

Even if we were able to input the results and upload them to our website in just a minute, the lotto player would have to download the results, strategize with Advantage Gold, possibly make a wheel, and then purchase the tickets in just a couple of minutes before the next drawing. After another drawing has taken place, the strategy results are no longer valid. It's just not feasible to expect to track trends in these types of games, so we cannot support them. You could still make a wheel for the game, and our Wheel 10 Keno Gold can make these wheels. The history functions for win checking in the program would not work without the history of the game. You can theoretically set up your own game file and enter the drawings in Advantage Gold, but we recommend that you choose a different lotto game in your area to play.

Instant Keno Games We Can't Track

Some examples of these instant keno games (there are probably many more than this) are:
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