A: Since our free online histories are updated only Monday-Friday, you may want to update a game history yourself in between our updates.

Advantage Gold

To update an existing game file in Advantage Plus:

Advantage Plus

To update an existing game file in Advantage Plus: Updating a History File
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Fixing a Missed or Incorrect Drawing

You can use the arrow keys to scroll up and down through the drawings or dates and just type over existing numbers if you need to change incorrect data. However, if you downloaded the results from us and need to change something, please contact us about the correction - be sure to give us the full game name including state/country as well as the date of the problem. If you change the file yourself and then update from us in the future, the drawing will go back to the way it was unless we know to change it in our file. We appreciate your help in ensuring our files are accurate.

Adding History for a Game We Don't Track

If you want to enter history for a game we don't track or keep your own game file for some reason, you will first need to set up the game file. See how to set up a new Lotto Game at the bottom of FAQ303. Once the game is created, you can proceed with the instructions above for entering the history.

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