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To help you quickly decide which of Gail Howard's lotto books and lotto software are most essential for the specific lottery game you play, select your state, province or country, and you will be redirected to your location's best lottery products page. Each location page will show all lotteries in your state or country and a list with the lotto books and software that will provide the best lotto strategy or lottery wheels for your favorite lotto game.

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We also have convenient lists of the available locations around the world. You can visit these pages to view all United States, Canadian, and International areas, and find out what to use to win your city's lottery games.

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We offer a quick reference of lottery products that will work for the different game formats. This guide explains which lottery software and books work for any pick-5, pick-6, keno, powerball, etc type of game, in any state or country. Lottery software that really works is available for hundreds of games.

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