Guide to Smart Luck Lottery Products

If you're confused about the variety of lottery books and lotto software that Smart Luck provides, we're here to help you find exactly the right lottery tools to help you win your favorite lottery. You may also want to see the FAQ summary on what products to buy for your game here.

There are three things you need to know in order to choose the lottery product(s) that will best meet your needs. Smart Luck lottery software and lotto books are explained below based on these three issues:

  1. Number selection strategy or wheeling - We essentially offer 2 types of products (strategy and wheeling). Do you want a product that will help you choose the best lotto numbers to play or one that will let you combine (wheel) large groups of numbers into a set of tickets to buy? More about lottery wheeling.
  2. Book or software - Do you prefer reading material in print and filling in your own charts and wheels, or do you prefer interactive software that can hold more wheels and charts than the book versions and produces those wheels and charts for you automatically?
  3. Your lotto game type - Do you play a pick-4, pick-5, pick-6, powerball type, keno, etc? Note: There are no Smart Luck products designed for pick-3 or pick-4 digit games.

Your state or country does not matter for wheeling, only the game type (pick-5/pick-6/etc) matters for which type of wheel to use. For strategy, location only matters for making sure we track the game (see list of games we track), but you can still use Advantage Gold if you create your own game file (for any country) and enter the drawings yourself, or you can use Lottery Master Guide to create your own charts.

Lottery Number Selection Strategy

These 2 products can help you choose which numbers are likely to hit in the next drawing based on how the numbers performed in past drawings.

Lotto Strategy Books

  • Lottery Master Guide
    Lottery Master Guide - The most important book for any lottery player to own and to study. This valuable lottery strategy book includes charts and methods for selecting numbers based on past lotto trends. It's also handy for those using Advantage Gold software because it gives a greater understanding and goes into more detail about how the charts are created and how to use them, although Advantage Gold can be used without the aid of Lottery Master Guide. The book covers pick-5 and pick-6 lotto games, pick-10 keno, Powerball and Mega Millions in ANY state or country. (It does not include pick-3 or pick-4 Daily Numbers games.)
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  • Lotto Wheeling Note: Lottery Master Guide also includes a limited amount of wheeling instruction and sample wheels. For more wheeling, see Wheeling Books section below.

Lotto Strategy Software

  • Advantage Gold
    Advantage Gold - The versatile number selection lottery software that automatically creates all the charts from Lottery Master Guide and more based on your lotto game's history. Free lotto history updates are available bi-weekly for hundreds of lottery games around the world. It works for pick-5, pick-6, pick-7, EuroMillions and Powerball type games, and pick-10 keno, or any regular format (not daily digit pick-3/pick-4) lottery in ANY state or country provided it has a history file for the game (you can create your own game file and add drawings to it if we do not track it already).
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  • Lotto Wheeling Note: Advantage Gold includes no wheels. See Wheeling Software section below for programs that can wheel your numbers.

Lottery Wheeling

Wheeling programs and books offer a variety of wheels that you can use to overlap a larger set of numbers you choose into sets of tickets to buy to improve your odds and guarantee a prize (excluding filtered full wheels).

Lotto Wheeling Books

Lotto Wheeling Software

  • Wheel Four Gold

    Wheel Four Gold - This Balanced Wheel® software has hundreds of lotto wheels for pick-3 and pick-4 (not 0000-9999) games in ANY state or country.
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  • Wheel Five Gold

    Wheel Five Gold - This Balanced Wheel® software has hundreds of lotto wheels for pick-5 games in ANY state or country and Powerball and Mega Millions* without the bonus ball. See FAQ about Wheeling with Powerball.
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  • Wheel Six Gold

    Wheel Six Gold - This Balanced Wheel® software has hundreds of lottery wheels for pick-6 and pick-7 games in ANY state or country.
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  • Wheel 10 Gold

    Wheel Ten Gold - This Balanced Wheel® software was designed specifically for pick-10 keno type games with hundreds of lotto wheels for pick-8, pick-9, and pick-10 games in ANY state or country.
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  • Filtering Full Wheel Generator

    Filtering Full Wheel Generator - This wheeling software includes only FULL wheels for pick-3 through pick-10 games in ANY state or country, and offers 19 filters to reduce combinations (note: using filters voids the jackpot win guarantee of full wheels).
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  • Full vs Balanced Wheeling Note: If you're unsure which type of wheel program is right for you, see Should I buy FFWG or a Balanced Wheel® program? FAQ Answer

  • * Powerball Note: You can use wheeling programs for powerball type games, but they do not include special wheels that include bonus numbers because Gail does not recommend including the powerball or bonus number in your wheel. Wheel the main group of numbers in your game and mark the extra numbers separately on your ticket. Including them in your wheel will hugely increase the number of combinations. This means, for Powerball and Mega Millions, use pick-5 wheeling software, not pick-6. See FAQ about wheeling with Powerball for more information.

  • Lotto Strategy Note: Wheel programs can use lotto history files with free SlhEdit and Lottery Updater, but the strategy available is limited. See Lotto Strategy Software section above for a number selection program.

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