Lottery Master Guide

Lottery Master Guide


Overview: Lottery Master Guide is the most thorough and complete book on lottery strategy ever written.

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  • 4th edition, 2003
  • 182 pages
  • ISBN 0-945760-388
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Product Information

Turn a Game of Chance into a Game of Skill®

Lottery Master Guide is consistently the #1 best selling lottery book on and has been so for the past several years - deservedly so. It is the most thorough and complete book on lottery strategy ever written. Gail Howard's most basic to her most advanced lotto strategies are explained in great detail, with examples of patterns shown throughout.

Lottery Master Guide is a virtual library of indispensable lottery information. It contains everything the serious lotto player needs to know about all lottery games, including systems and strategies to win Powerball, Mega Millions, Pick-10, Keno, Banco - as well as a listing of state and Canadian lottery addresses, telephone numbers, drawing result hot lines, odds, drawing days - and much more.

These Lottery Strategies Worked for Others. LET THEM WORK FOR YOU!

Every reader will have a better chance of winning by applying the information in Lottery Master Guide. You'll learn how to spot specific numbers for specific drawings, and make the best use of the dollars you spend on lottery tickets.

After you have read Lottery Master Guide from cover to cover, not only will you be on your way to winning more lottery prizes, but you will be an authority on lotteries -- and you will have the world's best lotto methods to beat them! Once you apply these lottery strategies, you will never look at lotto numbers the same way again. You can improve your "luck" by using knowledge and skill to zero in on winning lotto numbers. Win the lottery with Lottery Master Guide today!

Only the Gail Howard lottery systems and strategies have proven their value by having helped dozens of documented first prize lotto winners win their jackpot millions! To date, 109 lottery jackpot winners have won $102,007,908 dollars by using Gail Howard's lottery books and lotto software.

Lottery Master Guide Reveals How You Can:

  • Choose numbers for the lotto game YOU play that have the greatest probability of winning in the next drawing.
  • Turn a game of chance into a game of skill®. (Page 2)
  • Reduce the odds by millions. (Page 32)
  • Buy fewer tickets, yet have a greater chance to win. (Page 90)
  • Discover the one thing ALL lottery jackpot winners have in common. (Page 165)
  • Tell if a lotto number is about to start a long losing streak before it loses 15 or 20 games or more. (Page 53)
  • Know when to play -- or when not to play -- a specific number for a specific drawing. (Page 68)
  • See how often you can expect to trap the six, five, four or three winning numbers in your wheeled group. (Page 128)
  • Tell which "cold" number is best to play. (No, it is not the number out the longest!) (Page 44)
  • Detect at a glance which lotto numbers are hot and which are not. (Page 53)
  • Avoid playing lotto numbers that are sure to lose. (Page 19)
  • Cash in on the luck of others. (Page 152)
  • Learn how to choose the best and eliminate the rest. (Page 45)
  • Eliminate one quarter to one fifth of the lotto numbers in your state's game and turn a 49-number game into a 39-number game. (Page 39)
  • Know how many cold, lukewarm, and hot numbers to include on your tickets. (Page 41)
  • Spot a Hot Number before it gets hot -- so you can be on it when it starts its winning streak. (Page 53)
  • Know which of last game's WINNING lotto numbers has the best chance of winning the next drawing. (Page 65)
  • Know which of last game's LOSING numbers have the best chance of winning the next drawing. (Page 68)
  • Tell which lotto numbers have an affinity to win most often with your strongest numbers. (Page 71)
  • Cash in on the most predictable indicator -- the balancing Bias Tracker®. (Page 34)
  • Find out HOW OFTEN you can expect to get the six, five, four or three winning lotto numbers in a wheeled group (for every lotto game), when wheeling from 7 to 30 numbers with Gail's Lotto Win Frequency Charts. These individual lottery specific charts are given for every pick-6 and pick-5 lotto game in the world. (129-136)


Quotes from readers of Lottery Master Guide

"Gail Howard's Lottery Master Guide is a masterpiece."
- Norman Lynn

"Your system allowed me to be a big jackpot winner on 11/05/2005, in Virginia Cash 5 for $100,000.00. I used your Lottery Master Guide which is my lottery bible and your Wheel Five Plus (now Wheel Five Gold)."
- Rosa York

"Thanks to you and your Smart Luck® systems, I won the Florida Fantasy 5 Lotto on Dec. 4, 2002 for $35,060.02. Your systems on pages 32-52 of Lottery Master Guide and wheels on pages 109-111 helped me pick the winning numbers."
- L.M.L.
"THANK YOU for the book, "The Lottery Master Guide! Because of the excellent and outstanding writing and information in this book, on January 9, 2004, I won the Fantasy 5 California Jackpot - $316,446.00, and also had a 4 number pick for $548.00 as well as a 3 number pick for $18.00, for a total of $317,480."

"On August 30, 2006, I had four out of five white balls and the red Power ball for a $10,000 win along with the Power Play of four (4) for a total of $40,000.00. I used your 53130-2 Win 3 with 4 right, 30 Nrs in 9 games (2 Power) system. I used the information in your Lottery Master Guide to select my Power ball. Your systems have allowed me to win many small prizes, however, this was my first big win. Thanks!"
- Ronald Johnson

Table of Contents

What it's All About 1
What's in it for You 2
What is a Lottery 4
Brief History of Lottery 5
State Lottery Games 6
Understanding the Basics of Lotto 7
State Lottery Addresses 11
Understanding the Odds 14
Published Odds Chart 16
How to Play Lotto to Win 17
Tips on Number Selection 19
Tips on Group Selection 22
Are Lottery Drawings Truly Random? 23
The Balanced Game® 24
Sum Counts Chart™ 26
Most Probable Range of Sums® Chart 27
Sum Frequency 28
Sum Frequency Chart™ 29
Sum Listing™ 29
Hit Charts® 30
Three Methods to Win Lotto 32
The Trend is Your Friend 34
  Odd-Even Bias Tracker™ 34
  High-Low Bias Tracker™ 35
  Sum Chart Bias Tracker™ 36
  Number Groups Bias Tracker™ 36
  Hot-Cold Bias Tracker™ 39
  Games Out View of History™ Chart 41
  Skips Due Bias Tracker™ 41
  Last Due Bias Tracker™ 45
  Percentage System® 48
  Percentage System® Chart 49
  Drawings Since Hit Chart® 50
    Technical Corrections™ 53
    Lotto Trend Reversals™ 54
    Cascade™   55
    Reverse Cascade™ 57
    Hot and Hitting™ 57
    Double Bottoms™ 58
    Triple Bottoms™ 59
    Failed Double Bottoms™ 59
    Lotto Flag Formation™ 60
  Abbreviated Drawings Since Hit™ Chart 61
  Drawings Between Hits™ Chart 63
  Multiple Hit Pattern® Chart 65
  Double Hit Ratio® 67
  Skip and Hit® Chart 68
  Companion Numbers® 71
  Companion Numbers® Chart 72
  Companion Pairs™, Triads, Quads, Quint 72
  Neighboring Pairs® 74
  Neighboring Pairs®, Triads, Quads, Quints 75
  Lotto Astro Scope™ 78
  Trailing Numbers™ 80
  Adjacent Numbers™ 82
  Percentage of Adjacent Numbers™ Chart 83
  Adjacent Hit™ Chart 85
  Ball Sets, Drawing Machines & Rotation 87
  Quick Stats™ 88
  How Wheeling Reduces the Odds 91
  Full System 101 92
  Full Wheel Chart 93
  Win Guarantees Explained 94
  How to Wheel 95
  Balanced Wheels® for Pick-6 Games 98
  Pick-5 Power Number® Wheels 91
  Balanced Wheels® for Pick-5 Games 109
  My Personal Favorite Pick-5 Wheel 113
  Bias Tracker® Wheeling Systems 115
  Pick3 Numbers and Wheel 39 for $18 117
  Balanced Wheels® for Pick-7 Games 118
  Balanced Wheels® for Pick-10 Keno 120
  In Lotto, Breaking Even is Winning 126
  How Often You Can Expect to Win 127
  Lotto Win Frequency Charts™ 129
  Wheeling Strategies 137
  Most Frequently Asked Questions About Wheeling 140
Powerball 143
MEGA Millions 144
How to Win Powerball, MEGA Millions and all Powerball Games 145
Pick-10 Keno 146
Beware of Lotto Scams 148
Pool Your Way to Riches 150
  Cash in On the Luck of Others 152
  Cash in On a Positive Attitude 152
  Cash in On Your Lucky Cycles 156
Frequently Asked Questions 158
Trade Marks and Copyrights 160
Lottery Advantage® Scoreboard 164
A Final Word on Playing Smart 166
Lottery Products to Help You WIN 181
Order Forms 181

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