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American lottery players first learned about lotto wheeling systems in 1983. It was entirely through Gail Howard's efforts - her lottery books and lotto publications, her articles in national magazines, her television appearances and the Gail Howard 30-minute Lottery Buster television infomercial - that lotto wheeling systems became known and recognized as mathematically valid systems that reduce the odds.

The first lottery wheeling book Gail sold (Dimitrov) had only 65 wheeling systems in it. Several years after she popularized wheeling systems, others copied them and began selling them in pamphlets, books, and shareware. Those lotto wheeling systems still appear (although illegally) in the lotto books and lottery software of others.

Gail Howard's Lottery Wheeling Breakthrough

Gail Howard Jackpot winner

In 1987, Gail improved on the lottery wheeling concept by creating totally different wheeling systems. She combined her Balanced Game® lottery system with wheeling to produce the most Balanced Games® possible within each lottery wheel itself. This lottery breakthrough improvement not only added mathematically valid benefits to lotto wheels, but eliminated most of the unbalanced, wasted combinations that appear at the beginning and end of all other wheeling systems -- enabling dozens to win lotto jackpots.

Gail Howard's unique copyrighted and trademarked Balanced Wheels®, were published in the 1988 edition of her book, Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune. Balanced Wheel® lotto systems are not sold legally anywhere in the world, except in Gail Howard's lottery books and lotto software.

In a July 24, 1988 article, the New York Daily News reported:

"Wheeling systems like [Gail] Howard's have the most respectability among critics since they concede that the wheels offer a systematic way of reducing the odds."

The lotto number combinations that result from the built-in Balanced Game® feature are patterned closest to the way the winning lotto numbers are actually drawn. This unique feature refined wheeling to a state-of-the-art science. No wonder Gail Howard's Balanced Wheels® have produced so many lottery jackpot winners!

Gail's Smart Luck Wheel Six Gold™ and Wheel Five Gold™ lottery programs have the world's largest selection of wheeling systems. Those two lottery programs contain more than two thousand lotto wheeling systems with over a quarter of a million combinations. If they were printed in books, rather than on disk, they would fill twenty volumes the size of her 416-page book, Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune.

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In addition to Gail's Advantage Gold™ lotto number selection methods, Balanced Wheel® Systems are the most important tools lotto players can use to get the odds more in their favor. You will be amazed at your change in "luck" once you start wheeling your lotto numbers with Balanced Wheels®. You can't expect to win every time you wheel, but you certainly will win more often if you wheel your lotto numbers than if you don't — and you will win more lottery prizes.

Are you ready to START WHEELING TO WIN?

Good Luck with Smart Luck®.

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