Lottery Winners

Gail Howard has helped more than 100 people - all documented and verified - win the lotto jackpot with the lotto systems in her lottery books and lotto software. Read about Gail's lottery winners in newspaper and magazine articles and see their photos, letters, and stories of how they hit the lotto jackpot. Find out how so many lottery winners won big with our lottery winning strategies.

Proof of Gail Howard's Jackpot Winners: Authenticity of Gail Howard's lottery winners who have won lottery jackpots.

Testimonials from Gail Howard's Lottery Winners: Excerpts from letters written by Gail Howard's lottery winners. Gail's customers praise her lotto systems and explain how they won by using these lotto strategies.

Winners' Stories in the News: More detailed information about Gail Howard's lottery winners and a photo collection of newspaper and magazine articles featuring Gail's lotto jackpot winners. View the lotto winners' articles from here.

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