Smart Luck Shipping Policy and Acceptable Payment Methods

Smart Luck Shipping and Payment Information

Shipping Costs

Our shipping rates are dependant on several different factors. Please locate your quantity of books and software in the chart below to see the shipping fee for your location. Or, add the items you like to your shopping cart, and you can find out the total cost including shipping in just a few clicks, before you have to put in personal information.

0 Yes $3.00 $10.00 $12.00
1 No $6.00 $23.00 $29.00
1 Yes $9.00 $23.00 $29.00
2 No $9.00 $23.00 $29.00
2 Yes $12.00 $34.50 $43.50
3 No $12.00 $46.00 $58.00
3 Yes $15.00 $46.00 $58.00
4 No $18.00 $46.00 $58.00
4 Yes $21.00 $57.50 $72.50

Note: DOWNLOAD ONLY software is available with no shipping charge. Software shipping for a CD or flash drive is a one time charge per order, no matter how many programs are in your order. For Canada and International orders with an odd number of books, software can be shipped with the books at no additional shipping cost.

Unlike many companies online, we do not intend shipping to be a profit center. We are trying to charge just what the post office charges us for shipping. Because we ship a number of combinations of products, explaining the shipping can be a bit complicated. We use International Flat rate envelopes for books, which are a high rate. Instead of automatically shipping software by flat rate, we are shipping it by 1st class International Mail.

To save money on shipping, we recommend ordering books in sets of 2, so the shipping cost per item goes down. You can order all software by Download Only for no shipping fee and it is the same install file as you would get on a CD. If the software on CD is shipped with an odd number of books, it will be shipped in the same envelope as a book at no extra charge. If shipped with an even number of books we will ship the software separately by 1st class at the lower rate. Printed charts are always shipped in a flat rate envelope and up to 3 sets of charts will ship like a single book.

Shipping Limitations

We regret that we can no longer ship any orders to Africa due to many problems with deliveries. We will only process DOWNLOAD ONLY software orders from Africa.

Order Processing

Shipped Order Processing

Orders submitted before 2pm Eastern time will be processed no later than the next business day and orders after 2pm Eastern will be processed the second business day unless otherwise stated. The confirmation page of your order and your confirmation email will state which day your order is expected to ship.

Download Order Processing

Downloads are NOT immediate! Download orders are processed just like shipped orders and the install codes and instructions for downloading are emailed as an attachment to the shipping confirmation email, usually by the end of business the same day as the order is processed but no later than the next morning.

Please make sure the shipment date of your confirmation email has passed and look in your spam/bulk mail folder for the email before contacting us about your download codes. We make every effort to get the download codes sent out as soon as possible.

Shipping Method and Time

Orders Containing Books

  • USA: Orders containing books are sent by Priority Mail within the U.S.A. and can be expected to arrive in 2 to 3 days.
  • Canada: Book orders to Canada are sent by Global Priority Mail and should arrive in 4 to 5 days but could take longer. If your order contains an even number of books plus a software cd or flash drive, the software will be shipped in a separate package via First Class International Air Mail.
  • International: Book orders shipped outside the USA and Canada are sent by International Global Priority Mail (where available) and usually arrive in 4 or 5 days. Where Global Priority is not available, orders are sent by First Class International Air Mail and can take up to 10 days (and occasionally as long as 30 days or more). If a long time has passed since your order, you may need to check with customs to get your package. If your order contains an even number of books plus a software cd or flash drive, the software will be shipped in a separate package via First Class International Air Mail.

Software Only Orders

  • USA: Orders without books are sent by 1st Class Mail within the U.S. and can be expected to arrive in 3 to 5 days.
  • Canada: Software only orders to Canada are sent by 1st Class International Air Mail which can take up to 10 days but normally arrives in 4 to 5 days.
  • International: Software orders shipped outside the USA and Canada are sent by First Class International Air Mail and can take up to 10 days (and occasionally as long as 30 days or more). We highly recommend adding Download option (free) to your order so you can use your software much more quickly.

Please realize that mail delivery is beyond our control so you should allow at least an additional week beyond the estimated times of arrival listed above before contacting us.

Payment Options

We accept the following payment methods, due at the time your order is placed (before order processing).

Paypal and credit card accepted payment methods
  • Credit/Debit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Online, Phone, Mail Orders)
  • Paypal (Online Orders Only)
  • US Money Orders (Mail Orders Only)
  • International Postal Money Orders in US funds (Mail Orders Only)

We regret that we CANNOT accept Western Union or bank transfers. If you'd like to use your banking information, it is free to sign up for PayPal.

Determining Order Total Cost

To find out what the total cost of your order would be, simply add the items you are interested in to your cart, and proceed to checkout. You will be asked your country and the media method if ordering software, and then the final total of your order will be shown, including any discounts, before you are asked to enter any personal information.

See Currency Conversions to look up how our prices translate in your country because we cannot accept foreign currency.

Sales and Free Shipping

We do not offer free shipping or sales often because our policy is to provide the lowest possible prices on our products every day. Companies that offer these deals often can do so because their standard pricing provides heavy profit margins.

Money Back Guarantees

We cannot offer money back guarantees. Other companies can play numbers games and offer guarantees knowing that it will increase overall revenue even with a high return rate. We prefer to keep our profit margins as modest as possible for our customers who are earnestly looking for quality software that can help them win the lottery.

Media Options

Find out more about the media options you can choose for your software order.

Media Options Overview: Download, CD, Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive Details

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