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USB Flash Drive

New Flash Drive Memory Stick

Use Gail Howard's Smart Luck software on ANY 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 Computer ANYWHERE using this portable Smart Luck USB Flash Drive Memory Stick (also referred to as a Thumb Drive).

Cost: $25 plus the cost of new software. Discounts for existing customers (see points 12-13 below).

FREE BONUS: AUDIO TUTORIAL!!! Flash drive includes Advantage Alert audio cassette tapes (2.5 hours) converted to mp3 tracks. Each track covers one Advantage Gold chart in 8 to 10 minutes. Listen to Gail Howard explain how to use Advantage Gold as you follow along with the program. Audio Tutorial is like having Gail standing over your shoulder telling you how to use each of the Advantage Gold charts.

Flash Drive Program Menu

flash drive fits in the palm of your hand! The flash drive is smaller than a pack of gum! Slip it in your pocket and:
  • Use it at work.
  • Use it at a friend's house.
  • Use it at the library.
  • Use it at a coffee house.
  • Use it on vacation in any state, any country.

Flash Drive Features

  • Pre-installed. No need to install the program. All of your Smart Luck programs are pre-serialized and arrive ready to use.
  • Plug and run (sounds like a detonator). Plug in the flash drive into any pc (32-bit or 64-bit versions of Win XP, Win 2000, or Vista, 7 or 8) and run any of the Smart luck programs you own with a single click.
  • Use it at the library without worrying about installing anything on the library computer.
  • Use it at work - nothing installed on your work computer.
  • Update flash drive from the Internet at the library, at work or at home. Flash drive is easy to carry in your pocket or purse so you can use it wherever there is a computer.
  • Built in backup to your computer so you don't need to fear losing the flash drive.
  • Built in duplication function so you can make a copy of the flash drive to a new flash drive of your choice so you won't lose anything if your drive is lost or damaged.
  • Install the software from the Flash drive onto your computer with a single click. No codes to enter. Your flash drive can then be used as the backup.
  • Uninstall function automatically installed on your computer when you make a backup on your computer or install the flash drive on your computer.
  • FREE BONUS: AUDIO TUTORIAL! If order includes Advantage Gold or Advantage Gold upgrade, Flash drive will include Advantage Alert Cassette tapes converted to mp3 files with each chart as a single track. Listen to the tapes on your computer while you use Advantage Gold.
  • Flash Drive Current Version Special deal for existing customers. Get all of your existing current version Smart Luck programs on a flash drive for $10 plus the cost of the flash drive ($25) for a total cost of $35 plus shipping of $3 to USA or $10 elsewhere.
  • For new software or upgrades of older versions, add $25 to get the new program or upgrade on a flash drive and we will add any other current version programs you own to the drive for no additional cost.
  • Built in personal Lottery Updater included. This allows you to update exactly and only the lottery files you want--especially if you are using dialup Internet connections.
  • Update USA, International and Keno history files with a single click.
  • Get the software on a CD at the same time as the Flash Drive for $10 more.
  • Merge already installed Smart Luck programs from your computer onto your Flash Drive with a click. If you buy additional software from us, you can install it on your computer, then use the flash drive to merge that software onto the flash drive.
Smart Luck Software Flash Drive Menu
Flash Drive Menu ScreenShot


What is a flash drive? If you're unfamiliar with what a USB flash drive is or how you can use it, Wikipedia's flash drive article can give you more detailed information.

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