Dimitrov Wheeling Systems: the Truth

In 1983, my friend, Claudia Kable, asked me to meet Ivan Dimitrov, an attractive Bulgarian she was dating. Ivan related a horrific tale of his escape from the communist regime, in which he walked all the way from Bulgaria to Greece, and from there, he shipped out to America. He then told me his current hard luck story, which was the main reason for the meeting.

Ivan Dimitrov had self-published 20,000 copies of a book titled How to Win at Lotto & Pick 6. The book had seven pages of instructions and lotto charts, and the rest of the 78-page book had nothing but columns of numbers in it — intimidating to a potential book buyer! The $24.95 price (considered high back then) didn't help either. No one was buying his book, so all the bookstores were returning them. Ivan was stuck with lotto books he couldn't sell, and he was out quite a bit of money.

At the time, I was writing a weekly column, "Charting the Numbers," for a New York lottery magazine, so Claudia hoped I might be of help to Ivan. As a result of our meeting, we signed a contract, and I began selling Ivan's book by writing a second weekly column, "Wheeling To Win." My columns explained lottery wheeling far beyond any pages in Ivan Dimitrov's lotto book.

I wrote articles about The Dimitrov Wheeling Systems for every lottery magazine that came out. Dimitrov's were the first lotto wheeling systems known and sold in America. While I was lottery editor of Gambling Times magazine, many of my feature articles were about the Dimitrov Wheeling Systems, loto wheeling strategy, odds improvement, and other unique features and contributions I made concerning lottery wheeling systems.

On hundreds of radio and television shows, I explained the benefits of using The Dimitrov Wheeling Systems as a way of betting large groups of numbers to improve the odds. And I promoted The Dimitrov Wheeling Systems on my half-hour television infomercial, Lottery Buster, that aired at all hours on Cable TV in 1986 and 1987. That is how the Dimitrov Wheeling Systems became known. I coined the term, and I made them famous. Not only did I sell all 20,000 copies of the first printing, but an entire second printing as well. And the book had only 65 lotto wheeling systems in it.

In 1987, I improved on the lotto wheeling concept by creating totally different wheeling systems. I combined my famous Balanced Game® lottery system with lotto wheeling to produce the most Balanced Games® possible within each wheel itself. This eliminated the unbalanced, wasted combinations that appear at the beginning and end of Dimitrov's and all other lottery wheels.

Those simple, basic Dimitrov wheeling systems have been plagiarized by fast buck con artists who sell them in their lotto books and/or lottery software. Anyone who passes himself off as a lottery expert or author and sells the Dimitrov wheels does so because he has nothing original of his own to offer. This is one way you can tell who the fake "lottery experts" are, no matter what titles or credentials they claim to have. An honest, legitimate lottery expert does not profit by stealing the work of others.

I am the only person ever contracted to sell the Dimitrov Wheeling Systems. No one else has been authorized to publish or sell them. Ivan Dimitrov is a personal friend, and I know for a fact that he has never authorized anyone since me to publish his lotto wheels or to use his name commercially.

Anyone with a legal right to publish the Dimitrov Wheeling Systems would know that Ivan Dimitrov was never a mathematics professor, nor was he a mathematician, and he never lived in Austria -- as the crooks who steal his wheels maintain. Ivan Dimitrov is a Bulgarian from Bulgaria.

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