A: Your specific game, state, or country does not matter for wheeling, only the game PICK SIZE (pick-5/pick-6/etc) matters for which type of wheel to use. The wheels can work for lotto games in any US state or country around the world. For strategy, location only matters for making sure we track the game (see list of games we track), but you can still use Advantage Gold if you create your own game file (for any country) and enter the drawings yourself, or you can use Lottery Master Guide to create your own charts.

There are two basic types of lottery aids we offer:
  1. Strategy - helps you choose which lotto numbers are likely to hit based on the trends in your game's past drawing results. Our how to win lotto products work for any regular format* lottery in any state or country as long as we track the lotto history for the game or you create a game file and enter the drawings yourself.
  2. Wheeling - lets you enter a large set of numbers and arranges those numbers into sets that you can buy to give you a specific minimum win guarantee and improve your odds of winning. Wheeling products are by game type, like pick-5, pick-6, keno, etc, but the specific game/state/country does not matter.

More Wheeling Information

How can I find the Best Software and Books for My Lotto Game

Find the Best Lottery Products to Win Your Lotto Game We have a section of the website devoted to helping you decide which products are best to buy for the lotto game you play. Go to our Best Lotto Software and Books page and select your location to view the page for your state or country. You will see the lotto games for your area and all of the products that can work for these games. You can click on the product links to find out more about the books and programs that help you win your favorite lotto game.

Lottery Product Guide

To see a basic description of all of the different software and book options and what you need to know to buy lotto software and books, go to our lottery products guide.

Books or Software

If you're confused about the advantages or differences in books or computer programs, see FAQ116: Should I buy books or software?

Gail Howard's Recommendation

In general, Gail Howard recommends Lottery Master Guide book and/or Advantage Gold software to all lotto players. For best results, she recommends using Advantage Gold with the balanced wheeling book or program that corresponds to the type of lotto game you play (pick-5, pick-6, keno, etc).

Most Popular Software Package

Lotto Software Savings The most popular program combination that customers buy is: This set of 3 programs will allow you to choose lotto numbers based on proven strategies and then wheel those numbers into tickets to play for pick-5, pick-6, pick-7, or powerball type games. Buying 3 programs together qualifies you for the multiple software discount of $30 off your order.


* NOTE: Regular format refers to pick-4, pick-5, pick-6, pick-7, powerball, keno, etc or games that follow a normal structure where a set of numbers is chosen out of a larger pool. Excludes daily digit pick-3/pick-4 games with results from 000-999 or 0000-9999 and other similar games where numbers can repeat in a drawing or the position of the numbers matters. Also excludes bingo, tic tac toe, and other unusual format games. Cannot be useful for games with ONLY automatic quick-pick style tickets (if you can't mark the numbers on your ticket, no strategy can be used!).

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