Filtering Full Wheel Generator

Filtering Full Wheel Generator™

Overview: Filtering Full Wheel Generator™ lottery software includes Gail Howard's full wheeling systems for all pick-3 (not daily digit) through pick-10 games.

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Full Wheel Generator owners: Upgrade: $30
  • PC Compatible (Windows 32-bit/64-bit).
  • Media Options: CD, flash drive, or download.
Available: Usually ships within 1 business day. Download codes emailed within 1 business day.
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Product Information

Intro to Filtering Full Wheel Generator

Filtering Full Wheel Generator helps you improve your odds of winning lottery prizes for ANY pick-3 through pick-10 regular format lottery game in the world (excludes daily digit games).

You can choose a larger set of numbers to put in a wheel of your choice, and the program will give you a list of tickets to buy to guarantee that you'll win a jackpot prize if all the winning numbers are in the group you chose to wheel. OR add filters to your wheel to customize the results and reduce the number of tickets to buy.

For best results, use Advantage Gold first to choose the set of numbers that you'll wheel based on number selection strategies.

About the NEW Filtering Full Wheel Generator

Program Screenshots

Filtering Full Wheel Generator replaces old DOS version program, Full Wheel Generator. This is the software so many of you have been requesting and waiting for: a program that will kick out all of the unnecessary combinations with filters. Filtering Full Wheel Generator works in all (32-bit and 64-bit) versions of versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Once you have made a Balanced Wheel® using your best lotto numbers, you can:
  1. View the combinations
  2. Optimize the wheel
  3. Save your wheel
  4. Test drive wheel combinations through our lotto history files (requires Advantage Gold or free SlhEdit to be installed) to see what you would have won had you played the wheel every game
  5. Print the combinations (not directly on tickets)
  6. Export the combinations
  7. Apply filters to eliminate undesirable combinations until you have the wheel reduced to a size that you can actually use.

Obviously, once you eliminate a single combination from a Full Wheel, it no longer has the Full Wheel win guarantee, but so many of our customers have asked for these filters that we are making them available in this program.

New, Improved, Faster, and Easier!

Download FFWG FFWG
Download FREE DEMO of FFWG
The improved features of Filtering Full Wheel Generator include:
  • New Windows format allows more accessibility - runs on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
  • New user-friendly interface. See Program Screenshots.
  • Improved choices for selecting numbers to go into the wheels, eg: Balanced Random, Hot/cold/newest/oldest/special mix.
  • Easier to input your numbers and to arrange/re-arrange them.
  • New access to history files (limited) without requiring Advantage Gold
  • Flexible export function lacking in old Full Wheel Generator program.
  • More flexible Win Check settings for what matches to show.
  • New demo mode available - download a limited version to try for free!
  • Fast speed - lottery program opens and runs in a second and produces wheels as soon as you enter your numbers and press Make Wheel.
  • Free automatic program updates for the current version from our web site (does not include new version upgrades).

Full Lottery Wheels

Wheel selection available:
  • 2,590 Full lotto wheels with lotto jackpot win guarantees for ALL Lotto games: Pick-3, Pick-4, 5, Pick-6, Pick-7, Pick-8, Pick-9 and Pick-10.*
  • Full lotto wheels guarantee the jackpot prize (plus loads of multiple prizes) if you have the required number of winning lotto numbers in your wheeled group.
  • Wheels your numbers in every possible combination, with as few or as many numbers as you wish.
  • Has wheels for up to three Power Numbers® for pick-5 games, four for pick-6 games, etc (increasing by one Power Number for each higher pick-size). These wheels drastically reduce the cost, making larger Full Wheels more affordable.*
  • Each Full Wheel has a valid win guarantee.

* Note: Does not work for daily digit type games with results like 000-999 or 0000-9999. No specialty Powerball or Mega Millions (pick-5 + pick-1) wheels are included, but you can wheel the main set of 5 numbers for these games. Gail Howard recommends using a pick-5 wheel for the main 5 numbers and mark the Powerball/Mega ball separately on your play slip. The only way to wheel all six numbers would be to repeat the entire five-number wheel with each Bonus Ball used--which would create huge, expensive wheels. For more info: wheeling with Powerball games and strategizing for the Powerball number.

* Note: Power Numbers® are NOT the same as Power ball or Mega Millions bonus ball numbers. Please read the description of Power Numbers®.

Filter Options

Adding filters to a wheel is simple and gives you much more flexibility:
  • Nineteen different filters can be applied multiple times to eliminate undesirable combinations. (See Screen Shots Page for List of Filters.)
  • Use Gail Howard's valuable formula, the Most Probable Range of Sums to your advantage with the Sum Range filter.
  • Fine tune most filters with multiple parameters.
  • Most filters show immediate effect of your settings on past drawings in your chosen lottery.
  • Note: FFWG can only filter the full wheels created by the FFWG program. It cannot import wheels from other programs to filter.

Lotto Win Guarantees

FFWG minimum win guarantees allow you to wheel with confidence:
  • Gives the precise win guarantee for any Full Wheel showing the number of prizes in each prize category you would match with any possible arrangement of correct numbers in your Full Wheel, including with or without Power Number(s)®.
  • Full lotto wheels (unfiltered) guarantee the jackpot prize, plus loads of multiple prizes, if you have the required number of winning lotto numbers in your wheeled group.
  • Once you eliminate a single combination from a Full Wheel, it no longer has the Full Wheel win guarantee, but these filters were such a requested feature, we know they will be useful.

More Features

Optimize, Save, Win-Check, Print, and Export Wheels

Filtering Full Wheel Generator allows you to work with your wheels in many ways:
  • Saves unlimited wheels for later win checking (limited only by hard drive space).
  • Saves filtered wheels up to one million combinations.
  • Saves unfiltered Full Wheels up to two billion combinations.
  • All saved wheels are stored in a single compressed file to conserve hard drive space.
  • Built-in Saved Wheel Manager can re-open, delete, rename, win-check, and export saved wheels and show saved wheels by pick-size.
  • Win-check saved wheels against numbers you provide.
  • Can customize win-check results to match prizes paid by your lottery.
  • Allows you to view lists of winning tickets with combination numbers to easily locate winning tickets in perhaps large groups of tickets played.
  • Prints your wheels with user selectable fonts, font sizes, heading styles, and specified page ranges so you can get the most on each page or make it most readable. Does not print on lotto tickets.
  • Exports your wheels to a text file in standard comma-delimited format or customizes that format to your needs.

Use Lotto History Files for FREE with Filtering Full Wheel Generator

Though Filtering Full Wheel Generator is great on its own, it is even better if you use the lotto history options. If you own our Advantage Gold software, Filtering Full Wheel Generator can work with Advantage Gold to give you more options. Or without Advantage Gold (and on 64-bit Windows), you can still use the following great options! Just install our free lotto history files and SlhEdit program (FAQ Instructions).

Lotto History Features

Use lotto history to check your wheels:
  • Can win-check saved wheels against the last drawing of your chosen lottery.
  • Automatically inserts name of history file if used in the Saved-Wheel reference field and reloads that history when a saved wheel is opened or win-checked.
  • Test drives your wheel through any lottery file we offer to see what you would have won had you played the wheel every game.
  • Interfaces with existing Advantage Gold installation if you have purchased and installed the program for even more history features.

Important Note: Filtering Full Wheel Generator is NOT a replacement for Advantage Gold and does not include the charts or all features of Advantage Gold. For best results, it is still recommended that you purchase Advantage Gold to strategize which numbers to include in your wheel.


System Requirements and Cost

  • Minimum Requirements: FFWG runs as a Windows application on all versions (both 32-bit and 64-bit) of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 whether these are installed on a PC or Mac. Note: This does not mean the software is compatible with macs, ipads, or mobile devices! It requires WINDOWS. See more about setting up a Mac with Windows here.
  • Publisher: Smart Luck
  • Version: 4.0
  • Release date of current update: January 16, 2014
  • Printing: Prints on all printers that print from Windows (See printing help for more). Does not print directly on lotto tickets.
  • Media: Runs on CD or usb flash drive1, or takes less than 5 MB on your hard drive.
  • COST: $49.50 plus S&H (See Shipping Rate Chart). No shipping costs for Download Only software. See Shipping and Payments for more about shipping methods, time frames, and accepted payment types.
  • Upgrades: If you own an older version of this program, purchase an upgrade from any Full Wheel Generator Version: $25.00 + S&H; from any version purchased in the past 90 days, $15.00 + S&H
  • Returns: Please read this entire product description page and view our Return Policy before purchasing this software.

Foot Notes

1  Flash drive provides audio training tapes and history update services that are expressly for Advantage Gold. Though FFWG can physically run on a flash drive, the Advantage Gold features would not be useful without Advantage Gold installed and would not enhance the FFWG experience. Therefore we do NOT recommend getting FFWG on a Flash drive unless you already own Advantage Gold and have it installed.

Filtering Full Wheel Generator Game Types

FFWG IS FOR: Full Wheeling for Pick-3 through Pick-10 Regular Format Lotto Games.

Filtering Full Wheel Generator Game Limitations

FFWG is NOT FOR: Daily Digit Games

FFWG cannot work for daily digit type games with multiple numbers each drawn from 0-9.

* Note: Power Numbers® are NOT the same as Power ball or Mega Millions bonus ball numbers. Please read the description of Power Numbers®.

FFWG is NOT FOR: Balanced Wheeling

The wheels in FFWG are FULL WHEELS only - they generate every possible combination of the numbers chosen. These are large wheels. There are no Balanced Wheels available in FFWG.


Advanced Help Tutorial

FFWG includes a detailed instruction manual within the program. This simple lotto tutorial can help you learn how to make wheels, test drive them, save and export them, and work with the other features in the program. Just press F1 from any screen within the program to access help.

Help Features include:
  • Helpful hover text throughout the program, provides hints about the meaning of the information under the mouse pointer.
  • Extensive context-sensitive help available with F1 key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question to view the answer. Click the question again to remove the answer.

For technical support issues about installing, running, or using Filtering Full Wheel Generator, see Tech Support FAQ

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Lotto Software Savings

Special Savings: Take advantage of our great discounts for lottery software when you buy Advantage Gold and/or another wheeling program with your Filtering Full Wheel Generator order (excludes upgrades). Save at least $20 off your total (up to $70 savings)!

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