A: Wheel 4 Gold, Wheel 5 Gold, Wheel 6 Gold, Wheel 10 Gold, and Filtering Full Wheel Generator can all use our slh history files created for Advantage Gold, even if you don't have Advantage Gold installed.

You just need to install both of our free history programs: Lottery Updater to download our slh history files and SlhEdit to make the wheel programs able to read the slh files you downloaded with Lottery Updater.

Instructions for Getting History Files to Work in Wheel Gold and FFWG

To access the history files in these programs, do the following:

Lottery Updater FIRST: Download Lottery Updater from this page and proceed with installing Lottery Updater to your computer. After installing Lottery Updater, run it and choose the history files you want, and download the files. You will need to run this whenever you'd like to update the history files. You can use the Favorites section to select only a few games and save those settings for future updates.

SlhEdit Program SECOND: Download SlhEdit from this page and proceed with installing SlhEdit to your computer. The program allows you to update the winning numbers, view statistics about the drawings and the numbers, set ranges that will be honored by wheeling programs, change properties of the lottery file in case the lottery makes changes to the structure of the lottery, and more.
FINISH: After you've installed the programs and downloaded the files you want from Lottery Updater, you should see the list of files in the top right drop down menu of the Wheel programs. You can choose the file you want by clicking the box and selecting from the list.

Features of Using History Files in the Wheel Programs

Select a file before you choose your wheel for these benefits:
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