Lottery Winning Systems

Lottery Winning Systems


Overview: Lottery Winning Systems is a 64-page lottery book that explains the basics of Gail Howard's incomparable, unique jackpot-winning Balanced Wheel® Systems.

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  • 5th edition, 2007
  • 64 pages
  • ISBN 0-945760-868

Product Information

#The Only Lotto Book that has Won Jackpot Millions!

Lottery Winning Systems IS A BOOK OF LOTTO SYSTEMS WITH GUARANTEED WINS - which means specific minimum lotto win guarantees. Lottery Winning Systems book includes a Gail Howard lotto system that won FIVE lotto jackpots worth $5 million dollars. Also included is a Gail Howard lotto Wheeling system that won a $9.48 million dollar lotto jackpot!

This Lotto Book is a Guaranteed Winner!

All the lotto systems (lotto wheels) in this lottery book have GUARANTEED LOTTO WINS, which means each lotto wheel has a specific minimum win guarantee if you trap the six (five or four) winning lotto numbers in your larger chosen group of lotto numbers.

As with all of Gail Howard's lotto wheeling systems, you could win much more than the guaranteed minimum - as dozens of her jackpot winners already have.

109 documented lotto winners have already won over 101 MILLION dollars in first prize jackpots with Gail Howard's Systems...


Quotes from readers of Lottery Winning Systems

"I have wheeled numbers 3 times since I bought the book- and won 3 times (that includes winning nothing on the one draw- in the last draw I won on two rows on the one ticket.). The wins to date are modest (3/6) on all occasions- but I have won more (in terms of frequency of wins and the payouts) in these three draws than at any time in the past. The system offered definitely works."
- Roderick Stirling
"What I love about Lottery Winning Systems is that you can jump right in and use it. I have given this a present so many times and people go crazy over it. Once again, easy to understand and things you can do immediately without wading through a bigger book."
- Ms. Digital

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