A: No, there are no Balanced Wheels® included in the Full Wheel Generator Plus or in Filtering Full Wheel Generator. These programs have only full wheels which run through every possible combination of the numbers you choose to wheel. This produces an exponentially larger wheel with each number that you add to the wheel. It quickly gets out of hand and can cost a lot of money to buy all of the combinations. This is why Gail only recommends the Full Wheel Generator Plus to lotto pools and groups, not individual players.

More Options with FFWG

A better option is the new Filtering Full Wheel Generator which can still make full wheels, but also gives you the option of reducing combinations by adding various filters. This gives the program much more flexibility, and it is more useful to the individual lotto player.

Balanced Wheeling Programs

The Balanced Wheel® programs also include full wheels up to about 500 combinations, so if you cannot spend more than $500 on a wheel, Full Wheel Generator Plus does not have nearly as many options for you as a Balanced Wheel® program like Wheel Five Gold or Wheel Six Gold.

Full Wheel VS Balanced Wheel

If you are unsure about the differences between FFWG and a Balanced Wheel® program, see Should I buy a Balanced Wheel® program or FFWG?

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