A: Filtering Full Wheel Generator (FFWG) is very different from Balanced Wheel® programs like Wheel Four Gold, Wheel Five Gold, Wheel Six Gold, and Wheel Ten Gold. Both types of wheeling software are useful, but your needs will determine what is best for you. Note: Your State or Country DOES NOT matter with wheels. Only the GAME TYPE matters (pick-size of the game). All programs can accept numbers from 1-99, so the specific number field does not matter.

- Full Wheeling Program

Filtering Full Wheel Generator (FFWG) creates larger wheels with a full jackpot guarantee. You can buy a lotto jackpot with this program. The drawback is that full wheels are very large, as they create every possible combination of the numbers you choose. You must have chosen all the winning numbers in the set you chose to wheel to get the guarantee. Without filters, full wheels are only useful to lotto groups and pools or those with very large wheeling budgets.

FFWG has new added filter options, which make FFWG much more versatile than our older full wheel programs for the individual user. With FFWG, you can add a variety of filters with changeable settings to reduce the combinations of these large full wheels (but adding filters voids the minimum win guarantee). These filters are not available with any other program, so if you want wheel combinations that all fall within a certain sum range, or a wheel that excludes combinations with too many odd or even numbers, for example, this program allows you to have those options.

FFWG also gives you the ability to wheel any game type from pick-3 through pick-10 (excluding daily digit type games), while Balanced Wheel® programs work only for specific game types. If you play many different types of games, this program could be an affordable option for you since you would not have to get a different program for each game. NOTE: Filtering Full Wheel Generator does NOT work with Balanced Wheels®. It creates only full wheels that can then be filtered. It will not filter a wheel from another program, even if you have the other programs installed.

FFWG Pros:
- Multiple Game Types
- Exclusive filter options
- Wheels initially have a jackpot win guarantee

FFWG Cons:
- Initial wheels are very large (full wheels only)
- More steps to reduce combinations than a Balanced Wheel®
- No minimum win guarantee for filtered wheels

- Balanced Wheel® Programs

Balanced Wheels® like Wheel Four Gold, Wheel Five Gold, Wheel Six Gold, and Wheel Ten Gold are the most cost efficient, simple way to wheel, as they use formulas that already narrow combinations to as low as possible to meet the minimum win guarantee. These wheels allow you to play a larger set of numbers without generating a huge amount of combinations. You could choose wheels based on how many numbers you want to wheel, how many combinations you can afford to play, and/or the minimum win guarantee you want. Once you choose your wheel and enter the numbers, that's it, your wheel is created, and there's nothing more for you to do but buy your tickets.

Balanced Wheel® Pros:
- Minimum Win Guarantees
- Simple, Easy wheels, no added steps necessary
- Wheels that start as low as $2

Balanced Wheel® Cons:
- Each program works for only one or two game types (pick-3/pick-4, pick-5, pick-6/pick-7, or pick-8/pick-9/pick-10)
- Cannot create wheels larger than about 1,000 combinations
- No filter options

Try Out Free Program Demos Before You Buy

All of our new Windows programs have free demo downloads available. We recommend you download these to get a feel for the programs. The Demos have limited wheels and options available, but you can see the index of all the wheels included.

Upgrade from Older Wheel Programs

All of the wheel programs we offer are now Windows versions that can run on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. These programs are more user friendly than our old DOS versions, and they include more history accessibility and other options that the old ones did not have. If you have an old version of a wheel program, you can purchase an upgrade to the Windows version of the same program.

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