What is a Power Number in Smart Luck wheels? Power Numbers are not to be confused with Powerball bonus numbers. Power number systems are a type of wheel with one or more numbers (the Power Numbers) that are repeated in each combination. Using power numbers reduces the number of combinations, but the Power Number must be a winning lotto number in order to get the minimum win guarantee. For example, for a 10 number with 1 power number wheel, you could select numbers 1-11 to be in the wheel, designating number 5 as the power number. So, each combination produced by the wheel would include the number 5. You would not have any combinations that left out that number, so if number 5 was not a winning number, it would be impossible for you to win the jackpot (although a smaller prize is still possible). If number 5 is a winner, however, your odds are good because a power number wheel gives you higher minimum win guarantees for less money.

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