A: Advantage Gold is our software for lotto strategy which can help you choose the winning Powerball numbers or find the best Mega Millions numbers to play. It can work just as well for Powerball, Mega Millions, and other similar format games as it can for regular pick-5 or pick-6 games.

About Powerball Games

The main difference is that Powerball games essentially have 2 drawings each time, one for the main set (usually of 5 numbers) and one for the bonus ball(s) which come from a separate set of numbers. It is best to treat the game as 2 different games (a pick-5 and a pick-1) and strategize for each set separately.

About Other Bonus Number Games

Other types of games have only one number field, but can draw an additional bonus number. For a game where the bonus number is drawn by the lottery, but not marked on a ticket by a player, you can just use the entire history to strategize with.

So how do you pick the bonus lottery number?

Use Alt-B in Advantage Gold to set Bonus Only for Strategizing

Advantage Gold makes separate strategizing easy to do. You can use the Alt-B option for Powerball type games.

From the main menu, just press the 'Alt' and 'b' keys at the same time, and you will see the change in the top right of the screen next to the file name. There are 3 options: No Bonus, Bonus Only, and no specification means the entire history is used.

For a Powerball type game, or any that uses two separate sets of numbers, you would want to use No Bonus to pick the main set of numbers and Bonus Only for the power ball, mega ball, or other bonus number. The Alt-B Bonus Only option will ignore the main set of numbers when creating your charts, so you can pick just the top few powerball numbers likely to win, and spread them out randomly on your tickets. Don't forget to reset the ALT-B option to No Bonus to strategize for the other numbers.

In some cases, we offer a separate history file for the bonus number, so you should use that file when available we offer this for the following games (save file to your C:\GH drive or other A+ folder location): But you will still need to use the full file with ALT-B set to NO BONUS for the main set of 5 numbers for each of these games.

Charts for Powerball Type Games

There are no special tricks to choosing the bonus number. It is the same process as strategizing for any drawing, except there is only one number in the drawing. You can use all the same individual number charts in Advantage Gold that you use for any game. The group number charts will not work since there are no pairs, etc possible in a pick-1 game.

Wheeling with Powerball Type Games

See also: Wheeling for Powerball FAQ

Games that Use Powerball Type Formats

Some of the games with 2 sets of numbers from different number pools are listed below (click link for free game tips).

Pick-5 + Pick-1 Games (Use a pick-5 wheel) Pick-5 + Pick-2 Games (Use a pick-5 wheel) Pick-4 + Pick-1 Games (Use a pick-4 wheel) Pick-6 + Pick-1 Games (Use a pick-6 wheel) Pick-7 + Pick-1 Games (Use a pick-7 wheel)

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