A: It is a personal preference whether you like to use a book or software for lotto strategy or wheeling. The books are less expensive, so that can be a factor, but the software is more automated and therefore easier and faster.

Lotto Wheels

For wheeling, some people prefer the books because they do not have a computer or are not experienced with one. Others prefer the software because they don't want to match up numbers to create the wheeling combinations by hand (Note: You will still have to mark the numbers on your tickets no matter which product you choose). The wheeling programs also offer a larger number of wheels than the book and more pick-sizes are available with the books. There are no books for games with a pick-size of less than 5 or more than 7, so if you want to wheel Keno games or pick-4 (not daily digit), you'll need to buy a Wheel Gold or Full Wheel Generator program.

Lotto Strategy

Lottery Master Guide is an excellent lotto strategy book for those who do not have a computer or are not experienced with one. It is our most recommended product for those on a budget who just want to get started with playing lotto smarter. It can also be a helpful aid if you use the Advantage Gold software because it explains in more detail how the charts are created and how to look for trends. Become an expert at picking lotto numbers with the help of both products. Some prefer the Advantage Gold software because they don't want to have to use their game's drawing history to create all the charts by hand. Advantage Gold is easier since it does all the chart creation automatically for you (and can select Smart Pick numbers for you), using our free lotto history files.

Which Products for Your Location

To see a basic description of the different software programs and books and what you need to know to determine what to buy, go to our lottery products guide. Or, see what works for your location at Best Software and Books for You Lotto Game.

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