Smart Luck Free Lottery Software Patches

The following patch files will update some older versions of Smart Luck Programs to a newer version. These patches are available at no charge. However, they are "patches" to lottery software programs and will ONLY work with exactly the files to be patched. You must already have the older version of the program installed on the computer you are patching. The Wheel program patches do not patch the old Plus programs to the new Wheel programs. Order an upgrade for the new version of these.

We do not offer free program patches for versions older than the ones listed. If you have an older version, see about our software upgrades. If you have never purchased a version of the program, you can purchase new software here.

Download Advantage Plus Patch Advantage Plus Download Advantage Plus Patch - Version 3.43a to 3.55
(list of changes in Advantage Plus)
This will upgrade any Advantage Plus release from version 3.43a or newer to the current 3.55 version. It creates and removes a temporary directory and will search your hard drives to find the folder to patch, so this does not need to be downloaded into the Advantage Plus folder but can be placed anywhere so long as you can find it.
Last updated May 11, 2004: Does not update to 64-bit DOSBox enabled version. Upgrade purchase required for 2014 updated version.
Download Balanced Wheel Program Patch Balanced Wheeling Programs Download Wheel Four/Five/Six Plus Patch - Version 3.14 to 3.24
(list of changes in the Balanced Wheel® programs)
This will patch Wheel Four Plus, Wheel Five Plus, and Wheel Six Plus versions from 3.14 or higher up to the 3.24 version of the Plus programs. Last updated May 11, 2004

Note that this patch will NOT update your old Plus program to the newest versions of these programs (requires upgrade purchase) - Wheel 4 Gold, Wheel 5 Gold, and Wheel 6 Gold. See more info about Wheel Gold.
Download Full Wheel Generator Patch Full Wheel Generator Download Full Wheel Generator Patch - Version 3.07 to 3.14
(list of changes in Full Wheel Generator)
This will patch any Full Wheel Generator versions from 3.07 to 3.12 to 3.14 Full Wheel Generator.
Last updated May 11, 2004

Note that this patch will NOT update your old FWG program to the newest versions, FWGP or FFWG. You can purchase an upgrade to our new Windows program Filtering Full Wheel Generator.
Download Keno Wheel Patch Keno Wheel Download Keno Wheel Patch - Version 2.01 to 2.05
(list of changes in Keno Wheel)
This will patch any Keno Wheel version 2.01 or newer to the current version.
Last updated May 11, 2004

Note that this patch will NOT update your old Keno Wheel program to the newest version of this program (requires upgrade purchase) - Wheel 10 Gold. See more info about Wheel Gold.

Patch Installation Instructions

If you are using AOL or (Internet Explorer) and your Internet Security is set to the highest level, you will not be able to download these EXE files. You will have to change the security setting to "medium" in order to proceed.

If the option is available when you click on the links below, choose "run from this location" rather than save to file. It is much simpler, as you don't have to locate where the file was saved on your computer.

If you can't run from our site, then download by right-mouse clicking on the link below and choose "Save target as ..." When the file dialog box opens, locate the GH folder (normally c:\gh) and save the file there.

When the download is complete, use Windows explorer to locate the c:\gh folder, then click on the exe file that you downloaded (or double click if that's the way your windows is set up). This will install the patch automatically.

All patches will search your hard drives looking for a prior installation. You can press the spacebar to interrupt the search if you know where you installed the program or you installed it in the default location.

Each patch contains a .txt file link shown after the program file link below describing the latest changes to the program.

(Note: don't re-install the Advantage Plus History disks or you will lose your current history information.)

Patch Cautions

Programs older than the above versions are only available as lotto software upgrades and can be purchased at very generous discounts using our secure order form. If you've never purchased software, none of the patches or upgrades will work because they are designed as updates to existing programs.

NO TELEPHONE TECHNICAL SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE FOR THIS. If you have a problem, you can contact Support. Be sure to describe the problem as accurately and with as much detail as you can.

We have made a serious and time consuming effort to provide these free software patches, but there may still be a few intermediate releases that will not patch. We cannot guarantee that your version will be patchable even though it might fall within the range of versions specified. If your patch fails and you have previously upgraded by patching, try re-installing the patchable version from your original disks and try patching again. We have re-done the installation programs used in these patches to eliminate some known issues. If you encounter specific problems, please let us know about them by email.

These patches will not fix the 64-bit Windows problem. The programs are being completely rewritten, as 64-bit XP, Vista, and 7 have disabled the ability to run DOS programs.

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