The Drawings Since Hit Chart is a lotto strategy chart in Advantage Gold lottery software (option 4) and the Lottery Master Guide book. This chart is Gail Howard's favorite lotto chart: it's the most valuable and reliable method for picking lotto numbers.

It tells you when to play and when not to play specific lotto numbers for specific drawings. You should never play a lotto game without this great lotto secret. All you need is a printout of the last page of 50 or 60 drawings. . . which makes this one of the best charts to use in new games also. The Drawings Since Hit Chart reveals at a glance the recent past action of all the lotto numbers in your game. The chart shows how many losing games have taken place between wins for each lotto number and gives an instant reading of which numbers are hot and which are not. Use this chart to recognize lotto patterns like:
Drawings Since Hits Lotto Strategy Chart
Screenshot of Advantage Gold, Drawings Since Hits Chart

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