What is a lotto pick size? Pick Size or Draw Size refers to how many numbers the lottery will draw for a game and how many numbers you will mark on your tickets. This is not including bonus or powerball numbers.

For example, Florida Lotto, a 6/49 game is a pick-6 game because you choose 6 numbers from 1-49 to play and the lottery also draws 6 winning numbers. California Fantasy 5 is a 5/39 game or a pick-five game with a number field of 39. Powerball is considered a pick-5 + pick-1 game because the lottery draws 5 numbers from one pool and then one number from a separate pool.

The pick-size is a selection you can choose in our wheeling programs to view only the wheels that work for the pick-size of your game. Advantage Gold shows "Draw Size" (how many numbers the lottery draws) and "Bet Size" (how many numbers you mark on your tickets) instead of Pick Size, but Bet Size is the same as Pick Size and Draw Size is usually the same as well. Keno games have different draw and bet sizes because the player chooses 10 numbers and the lottery draws 20.

It is important to know the pick-size of your game in order to use a lotto wheel. Our wheeling programs are split up by pick-size.

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