What is a full wheel in lotto? Full wheels are lottery wheels that include every combination of the lotto numbers in a group in order to guarantee a lotto jackpot win if the winning numbers are all within the set of numbers wheeled.

For example, a pick-5 lotto 7 number full wheel will produce 21 combinations with every combination from 1-2-3-4-5 to 3-4-5-6-7. Add a few more numbers to have a pick-5 wheel of 10 numbers and you're up to 252 combinations. It becomes very expensive to buy full wheels because each wheel produces so many combinations to purchase tickets for, so full wheels are not for the casual lotto player. However, full wheels do offer an excellent chance for lotto groups and pools who have a larger amount to spend on tickets. You can't beat getting a guaranteed jackpot win. Filtering Full Wheel Generator includes all of the full lotto wheels that we offer.

Our Balanced Wheeling programs like Wheel Five Gold and Wheel Six Gold include full wheels for up to about 500 combinations, so if you do not plan to spend more than $500 on a wheel, Balanced Wheeling software may be a better choice for you.

See FAQ about Balanced vs Full Wheeling for more info.

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