Advantage Gold is the best rated lottery strategy software that incorporates all of the original lotto expert, Gail Howard's, best lottery tips. These strategies have helped over 100 people win the lottery, and they can help you learn how to win more lotto prizes too! Find out which lotto numbers are hot to play and which to stay away from. Advantage Gold includes many lotto statistics that you can study such as which numbers come up most often together, the sum range that the numbers most often fall within, odd and even trackers, high and low trackers, adjacent numbers, and dozens of others. Using these lottery charts, you can learn how to pick the lotto numbers with the greatest probability of winning lotto drawings based on past lotto history trends. The software includes all of the charts in Lottery Master Guide book and more, but is even easier to use because it automates the process. Using the lotto program, the winning number data in the charts are calculated for you instantly. See the product description for more information about Advantage Gold.

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