The Odd/Even Bias Tracker is a lotto strategy chart in Advantage Gold lottery software (Option I) and the Lottery Master Guide book. The chart tells whether the next lotto drawing is favoring odd or even numbers, so it can help you find out how many odd or even lotto numbers to play. The features of the Odd/Even Bias Tracker are almost identical to the Low/High Bias Tracker except in this chart we are trying to anticipate when the Bias has swung too far, as indicated by too much activity in either the odd numbers or the even numbers. When these out-of-balance conditions occur, expect a swing to the opposite side. The lesson to be learned from this chart is to play a well-balanced mix of odd and even numbers. The exception to this rule is when the Bias Tracker shows a Double Digit bias.

Odd Even Bias Tracker Lotto Strategy Chart
Screenshot of Advantage Gold, Odd Even Bias Tracker

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