What are expected hits in lotto? Expected hits are the number of hits each number would have had, if all lotto numbers in the game had hit an equal number of times.

For a simple example, a pick 5 out of 30 lotto game, if there have been only 6 drawings in the lotto game, then each number (1-30) would have an expected hit of 1. 5 numbers x 6 games = 30 numbers (each number hitting once only), which is the same as the number format of the game. Or another example, for a pick-6 out of 40, with 76 drawings, each number would have an expected hit of (6x76 / 40) = 11.4.

If you compare the actual HITS with the EXPECTED HITS, you can immediately see if a lotto number is hotter or colder than normal. This is a quick way to get a feel for the good lotto numbers to play or stay away from. The Expected Hits can be seen in the Quick Stats Chart in Advantage Gold.

Quick Stats Lotto Strategy Chart
Screenshot of Advantage Gold, Quick Stats Chart

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