How do you pick a hot and hitting lotto number? A Hot and Hitting Number is a lotto number that has a hit once every 3, 4, 5, or 6 games/drawings and is thus more stable and can continue hitting for a longer period of time than a lotto number that skips only one or two drawings between each of several hits and may be ready to run out of steam.

Just how far can you expect to ride a Hot and Hitting number before it nose dives with a long losing streak? A number can have short hot streak with as few as three wins before it takes a rest. A realistic hot streak for a Hot and Hitting number could be six hits before skipping more than three games between each hit. But many numbers have had seven, eight or nine wins before taking a rest of four or more games. In the Canadian 6/39 Lottario, #28 had a record 15 wins without skipping more than three games between any two hits. But don't look for that to happen often. It was the ultimate - the record hot streak in that game. And Lotto #35 had a Hot and Hitting streak of 13 games.

This can vary with the number field of a game. The smaller the number field of a Lotto game, the greater the possibility of having a longer Hot and Hitting winning streak. Conversely, in a lotto game with a larger number field, such as a 6 out of 49 or 6 out of 54, the Hot and Hitting winning streaks would occur less often and be of shorter duration. For example, in the German Lotto 6/49, a long Hot and Hitting streak could be a series of six hits, although Lotto #39 in that game had a series of 12 hits without losing more than three games between each hit.

Use the Drawings Since Hit Chart in Advantage Gold to look for hot and hitting lotto numbers.

Drawings Since Hits Lotto Strategy Chart
Screenshot of Advantage Gold, Drawings Since Hits Chart

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