Remote Help Tool

This tool is only useful as a way for tech support to connect to your system.


After the remote help file downloads, it will open an explorer window saying where the file is being saved, then run that tool and give it permission to make changes to your computer.

Then a window will open that will say "Tell tech support agent your id and password" and our tech support staff will then be able to see and control your machine. You will still be able to see everything that is done, and you can cancel the session with a single click at any point, and tech support will certainly expect to be talking to you the entire time.

About Remote Help Tool

Using remote help will allow tech support to directly fix problems, like difficulty serializing and activating your programs, or finding and diagnosing unusual problems.

You will see everything tech support does on your machine and can immediately disconnect the session at any time. Tech support will identify the disconnect button for you at the start of the session.

The connection is a ONCE ONLY connection. It can only be established with your assistance and approval. We have no way to do this without your permission and help. There is no way to make your approval anything other than a single session.

We cannot guarantee that we can fix every possible problem you may have, but this type of connection may enable us to fix things we could not otherwise understand, and we certainly hope that this process will save our time and the frustration level of our tech support staff as well as that of our customers.

** Click to download Remote Help Tool (do not double click) **

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