Free Wheel System 52225 Jackpot Winners

The lottery software and lottery books of Gail Howard have been officially credited with winning 109 first prize Lotto jackpots with a combined total of more than $101 million dollars.

System 52225 Winner #1

John Pickens hit the California Fantasy 5 jackpot on January 25, 2008, winning $58,937. He credits Gail Howard's lotto wheel system 52225 (now available as a free wheel) for his win.

John Pickens' Winner Article

Gail Howard's California Fantasy 5 Jackpot Winner

Using the Gail Howard lotto software, John Pickens of Sacramento won nearly $59,000 in the California Fantasy 5 game on Jan. 25, 2008, and within hours told lottery expert Gail Howard the good news.

"Please add me to your list of lottery jackpot winners," Pickens said. "Tonight I scored a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize on one ticket in the California Fantasy 5 game. I used your system #52225 win 2 with 4 right, 25 numbers in 13 games. The winning numbers were 02-22-25-26-36 and I was the only winner for the 5/5 prize. I had noted this system already won a first prize, and it was one of my reasons to use it."

John Pickens knows he is not the only one to benefit by using Howard's system. Ray Lakin used the same Balanced Wheel® #52225 in the same California Fantasy 5 game in the same month of January four years ago, on Jan. 9, 2004. He was the sole winner of a $316,446.00 jackpot. If you missed Ray Lakin's story in Lotto News, you can read it here.

The enthusiastic Pickens continued telling his happy story to Howard: "I won not only the Jackpot for $58,260.00, but also the second prize for $533.00 and a third prize for $16.00 on the first three games. I could not have wheeled all those prizes by accident or come up with the winning numbers without the charts and Quick Stats in Gail's Advantage Gold software. Think about it: 25 numbers wheeled into only 13 games with a prize guarantee of 2 right when you guess 4 correctly. That is a bit of a long shot."

Pickens started his lucky efforts months before by planning to work the numbers carefully and patiently.

"This past August I was on a road trip from California to Oregon with my sister, and on one of our stops there was a celebration going on for a local resident who hit a Fantasy 5 jackpot," he said. "I felt a twinge of jealousy because I felt I could beat that game. I dreamed about how even a small windfall could make my life better."

Then, Pickens got down to business. "I tracked the numbers on my own looking for trends and wheeled my numbers with my own system," he said. "I had a few wins but soon realized I was wasting money. I needed help. I searched the Web. My searches kept bringing up the name Gail Howard. I had heard of her, but I did not know she was the one who had produced all those systems that had won so many jackpots."

Using the free lotto wheels and number selection strategies given away on the Gail Howard Web site, Pickens won several second and third prizes in the California games. He then bought Howard's Advantage Gold and Wheel Five Plus [ now Wheel Five Gold] lotto software and her book, "Lotto Wheel Five to Win."

By Jan. 25, two months after purchasing Howard's software and book, Pickens discovered what seemed like no accident. "I looked at the winning numbers and saw that I guessed all 5 in my group of numbers," he recalled. "That was a good start. I looked at my games. I thought, 'All right, I got a 3rd prize 1st game and second game, wow, 2nd prize. No, not 2nd -- that's the jackpot!' "

"I don't see this as my only jackpot win," he told the lottery expert. "I expect to win again I just don't know when. And last, but not least, I love you, Gail Howard."

Howard responded in kind. "I always love to hear from my lotto jackpot winners and to share their joy -- especially when they contact me right after their win," she said. "We both get excited and pumped up. It's a happy business I am in."

System 52225 Winner #2

Another of Gail Howard's California Fantasy 5 Jackpot Winners

On January 9, 2004, when Ray Lakin won $316,446.00 in the 5/39 California Fantasy 5, it didn't excite him a bit. He expected to win. No doubt about it. As he checked his tickets, it was the ninth one of 13 he bought that won the first prize jackpot.

When I heard he had won using my systems, I called to congratulate him.

Ray Lakin told me, "My first reaction was, 'It's about time!!!' The only thing we sweated out was.'How many people had it?'"

I asked, "Weren't you excited?"

"It was really nice to see. My wife, Patricia, was excited for both of us. I paid my taxes and banked the rest. We're going to take a cruise in the near future."

Mrs. Lakin said, "I wanted to call everybody. I was elated for days and days. I keep waking up thinking we have extra money in the bank."

While Ray was checking his numbers, he said, "Pat, come look at this. I missed by one number." She then pointed to the five winning numbers at the bottom.

Ray wheeled 25 numbers in 13 combinations, using Balanced Wheel® #52225 (in Gail Howard's Wheel Five Gold lotto software), which has a 2 out of 4 win guarantee. Although this system guarantees just one two-number prize if you get four of the five winning numbers in your group of 25, you could win the jackpot plus a second and a third prize as Ray did.

Ray Lakin's Winner Letter

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU for the book, "The Lottery Master Guide."

"Because of the excellent and outstanding writing and information in this book, on January 9, 2004, I won the Fantasy 5 California Jackpot - $316,446.00, and also had a 4 number pick for $548.00 as well as a 3 number pick for $18.00, for a total of $317,480.

"Also, I have your Wheel 6, 5, 4 Plus [now Wheel 6, 5, 4 Gold] as well as your Advantage Gold system. I think that your book "Lottery Master Guide" is a "must: for any and all players who have plans and visions of winning the lottery. This book makes an excellent gift too, and I have, in fact, purchased it for a few of my friends who also want to win the lottery.

"In winning the Fantasy 5, I wheeled 25 numbers in 13 games, by applying the information provided on your "Short term Lotto Tends," and "Odd/Even Wheeling tips" for Pick 5. I know that your " Lottery Master Guide" was my guide to the winning numbers. Before reading this book I thought I knew how to play! - How wrong was I? No matter how you play this game we call the lottery, if you do not have the "Lottery Master Guide" you are wasting your time and money.

"So, once again, thanks for putting out this book that makes playing the lottery make sense, and for all of your wonderful programs.

"Just for your information, I recently missed another $300,000 Fantasy 5 jackpot, by one number, although I did manage to collect $378.00 for four numbers at that time.

"I have only recently started working with Advantage Gold, however, I am sure that, if I apply your knowledge and guidance, I will again win the lottery very soon.

"Once more, thanks for all of the help your programs have given me, it is greatly appreciated.

Sincere regards,
Ray Lakin"

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