New York Take Five Lottery Winner

Vinny Licata wins NY Take 5 Lotto


"I was on a high all day!"

Vinny Licata sells lottery tickets at his Midland Coffee Shop in Yonkers, New York. As he was posting the New York Take 5 winning numbers from the February 9, 1996 drawing, he noticed, "I got that number...I got that number...I got that number...I got THAT number. I can't believe it! I got THAT one, too!!!"

Then he punched the winning numbers out of the machine again. As with all jackpot winners, he couldn't believe his eyes and had to check it again and again and again. Vinny had won a $36,843 Take 5 jackpot plus seven third prizes worth $24.50 each.

"I was on a high all day," he said.

Vinny wheeled 18 numbers, using System 3010 from my book, Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune (this system now found as #53118 in Lotto Wheel Five to Win]. His friend, Lotto News columnist Stan Rose, helped him pick some of the numbers.

Vinny Licata wrote: "Dear Gail, I want to tell you that it was a great joy using your system #3010 and Stan's numbers and winning over 36,000 dollars. I've seen your system in the Lottery News for years and wasn't quite certain how to apply it to the games.

"Being that Stan was my friend, I asked what's the best way to use them, and Stan showed me with his numbers and my special numbers, and you know the rest of this happy story.

"My wife and I are happy to hear that we are a part of your winning team and are looking forward to your upcoming Lottery Jackpot Winners Party.

"Thank you for your systems without them I couldn't have hit the Take 5 Jackpot. Thank you very much. Vinny Licata."

Winning Products

The lottery products Vinny Licata used to win the New York Take5 jackpot: Wheel #3010

18 number 3/4 Guarantee Balanced Wheeling® Lotto System #3010 found as wheel #53118 in:
Wheel Five Gold Wheel Five Gold™
Balanced Lotto Wheel® Software for Pick-5 Games
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Lotto Wheel Five to Win Lotto Wheel Five to Win
Balanced Wheel® System Book for Pick-5 Games
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