New York and Maryland Lottery Winners

Three Take-5 Players Won Take-5 Jackpots!

THREE 5/39, Jackpots Won Within THREE Weeks!


"I Used the Advantage Gold Smart Picks to Pick My Numbers."


"Thanks for Your System. God Bless You."


"I Won Using the Example Numbers in Your Book."

The New York Take-5 5/39 lotto game is exciting to play because it's easier to win something, and if you use a system, to win something pretty consistently. It's fun to be a winner. It's even more fun to be a first prize winner!

Within three weeks, I received letters from THREE 5/39 first-prize jackpot winners who won with my systems! Two of them won in New York and the third won the Maryland 5/39 lotto game. All three sent documented proof of their wins in their letters. No matter how large or small the prize, I always love to hear from jackpot winners who won using my systems.

On June 5, 1992, Caroline Cammann of Yorktown Heights, New York, won $44,694.50. On April 30, 1992, Richard Whisman of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, won $50.000.00. On April 17, 1992, Y.S. of Astoria, New York won $61,661.50.

Richard Whisman wrote:

"Dear Gail, Just wanted to thank you for the Advantage Gold system. As a direct result of using the system, I am $50,000.00 richer today, as I won the Match 5 jackpot in the Maryland lottery. I have only had the system for a short while and have been playing around with it. I have won a few thousand just playing to get used to the system. Then the other night I felt it was time to get serious so I went for the big money and guess what BINGO! on my first try.

"I used the Advantage Gold SMART PICKS to pick the numbers, then used the Pick-5 Balanced Wheel System #3014 to wheel the numbers. Works great and I'm looking forward to more big money jackpots thanks to your great software. Keep up the good work, Gail, so everyone who has or orders your Advantage Gold and wheel systems will get their fair share of the big money. Am sending you a copy of the c1aim form and check I received from the state of Maryland as proof of claim. Thanks thousands. Richard T. Whisman."

One of the New York winners asked that his name not be published, so I am respecting that wish. But he wrote a letter and sent me a copy of the winning ticket.

"Dear Gail Howard, Thanks to your 5-number Lotto System #3014 wheeling 22 numbers for a 3 of 4 win, I won a Lotto jackpot on 4-17-92. I won $61,661.56. God' Bless You. P.S. Please don't publish our names. Thank you."

The above two winners used the same System #3014 which is now called #53122-J in my book, Lotto Wheel Five to Win.

Caroline Cammann used numbers I had used as the example numbers on page 11 of the first edition of Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune, which are 3-8-14-15-21-28-34-39. The winning numbers on June 5, were 3-8-15-28-39.

She wrote: "Dear Gail, In your book Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune, I used Lotto System 401. It was for six numbers, I used it for five. Instead of winning four tickets I had six tickets, all winners. I also used the numbers you list to wheel on page 11. I am sending a copy of my Take-5 first-prize ticket with all five. I also had four numbers on one ticket and two tickets with three numbers and two free tickets. Sincerely, Caroline Cammann."

When I called Caroline to congratulate her, she told me that so far, she has won 20 prizes in Take 5, not counting her free tickets. "I've been winning something almost every game," she said. She told me she doesn't gamble on anything else, but, "I've been hooked on lottery because I've been lucky. My family used to tease me about it, but now that I won, they keep quiet about me playing."

Caroline said she watched the drawing on TV. "When I saw I had all five numbers, I was so happy and excited I couldn't sleep that night. I wondered how much I had won. There were seven other winners. But $44,694.50 is still a nice piece of change."

And, I think that sums up the success of New York's Take-5 game. It's fun and exciting to be able to win small prizes often. And although the jackpot won't turn you into a power to be reckoned with, the jackpots are, as Caroline Cammann says, "a nice piece of change."

Winning Products

The lottery products these lottery winners used to win the New York and Maryland lotto jackpots: Advantage Gold and Wheel #3014

Advantage Gold Advantage Gold™
Number Selection Lotto Software
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22 number 3/4 guarantee Balanced Wheeling® Lotto System #3014 found as wheel #53122-J (or similar wheel #53122) in:
Wheel Five Gold Wheel Five Gold™
Balanced Lotto Wheel® Software for Pick-5 Games
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Lotto Wheel Five to Win Lotto Wheel Five to Win
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