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Orlando Zambrana Wins CA Fantasy Five Jackpot


Do Good and It Comes Back to You... In a Lotto Way!

On October 4, 2002, Orlando Zambrana won the California Fantasy 5 jackpot of $29,305 using Advantage Gold to choose his winning lottery numbers. He then used Power Number® Wheel 54013-2 to wheel his numbers into the winning combination.

Orlando Zambrana has all the makings of a winner, as you will see as you read his letter. He has an optimistic outlook on life and considers himself a lucky man. He is compassionate and has a generous spirit, giving not only material possessions, but of his time, energy, and love as well.

Orlando knows what he wants and he has worked diligently to achieve his goal of winning the lottery. He didn't wait for things to happen. He made them happen. He never gave up searching for the right tools he needed to land a first prize jackpot. He found them in my Advantage Gold and Wheel Five Gold software.

If anyone deserves to win again, it is Orlando. This 49 year-old bachelor, who owns a computer store, was donating money to help people long before he won the jackpot. I am happy to have played some small part in that he used my software to win his jackpot..

Orlando wrote:

"I have always considered myself a lucky man, I started to play lottery games in Brazil with the sports lottery and the Quina Brazilian version of Fantasy 5 nothing big happened at that time.

"When I moved to California in 1987, I started to play the super lotto. For years nothing happened, only small winnings, but I was always looking for some type of help. Before the internet was available it was hard to get information. Back in the late 90's I tried a couple of small programs but they didn't have enough tools to track the numbers.

"In April 2000, one of my friends had a bad car accident. He needed some financial help. I offered my help organizing a computer and accessories raffle on his behalf. I worked one month for him selling the tickets. We came up with $3,850.00 in the raffle. This help was a good relief for him to take care some emergency needs.

"After this activity was done I felt my luck started to change. Day by day, I started to have very good surprises, good things were happening every day. One of the good gifts was the next day of the raffle, I woke up early morning and before getting up I gave thanks to God for giving me the strength to accomplish my job successfully. Suddenly I looked at my t-shirt and I had a very good surprise to see a clear image of a face in white color, the salt of my sweat of the day before. After drying, I noticed it had formed a very nice looking image of a face. That gave me a very good feeling of being lucky and blessed. Since that day, many other things started to happen.

"Few weeks later, I got involved in helping orphan kids in South America, Bolivia. I started helping a poor family whose father was killed in a fight at the village of Challapata, a small town in the Andes. We made it a reality, through volunteers in Bolivia, to provide food, clothing, and school materials for the family of four kids and also for others in the neighborhood.

"At this point I was still playing some lottery with my basic tools collecting numbers and exploring different combinations. I knew that someone was already working to come up with a good tool that would be able to help.

"I knew that I could be a big winner, but definitely I would need a certain type of system to improve my games with a better strategy or smart way to reduce the odds. So, after searching on the web and finding a few options and systems I decided to try the best system, according to some reviews, which was Mrs. Gail Howard's system.

"Finally the system was in my hands, a very good feeling of chasing the numbers with a powerful tool. You have to treat those numbers with certain type of caress and be a good friend, starting to like the way of collecting the statistics and observing the numbers from various angles. The different behavior of random numbers, that was very exciting and interesting. As much as I have been involved with the program, my point of view of playing the lotto started to change.

"Knowing that some numbers have long sleep periods and that there is no help playing them when they are not ready, it became clear which numbers to play. The system was a beautiful solution to face the behavior of the random numbers and get more familiar with them.

"After a few months of using the program and getting familiar with the tools and their purpose, I felt the improvement on my winnings. It got to the point where I felt sure I was getting close to hitting a good prize. At the end of my lucky season, a few days before, I had a streak of significant winnings. Even then, I was pursuing the jackpot more strongly and more dedicated than ever.

"I felt I was in control of the game because I knew the trend for the season; I was able to visualize the patterns that were forming. On October 4, 2002, choosing my typical thirteen numbers using the Wheeling System 54013-2 for twenty-one games, using the F4 key to optimize the game I increased the game to thirty-five dollars.

"My winning numbers were 1-22-25-30-32, and every single dollar out of the thirty-five dollars I played was a winner. One with the jackpot, three tickets with four out of five numbers, and twenty-one three out of five numbers and the rest were replays. My power numbers were 1 (12) and 30 (9). These two numbers were standing out on the 'Drawings Since Hit' chart as a clear pattern for the season.

"So finally I hit the jackpot of $29,305 and an additional $2,125 in extra winnings. I made my game five minutes before the deadline and I knew the results thirty-five minutes later. I usually play at the liquor store next to my location. It's been more than fourteen years since anyone has hit any jackpot in that liquor store. I spoke with the owner who told me that in all these years I'm the only one that's hit the jackpot which in turn, shows you that you definitely need a system if you want to win.

"I wanted to thank you, Gail, for your system, thanks to your program I've won roughly about $31,376! A good part of this jackpot was used to help orphan kids with two computer labs in Bolivia. Thanks again for the new set of software and books."

Orlando Zambrana

Winning Products

The lottery products Orlando Zambrana used to win the Fantasy 5 California lottery jackpot: Advantage Gold and Wheel #54013-2

Advantage Gold Advantage Gold™
Number Selection Lotto Software
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13 number 2 Power Number 4/4 Guarantee Balanced Wheeling® Lotto System #54013-2 found in:
Wheel Five Gold Wheel Five Gold™
Balanced Lotto Wheel® Software for Pick-5 Games
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Lotto Wheel Five to Win Lotto Wheel Five to Win
Balanced Wheel® System Book for Pick-5 Games
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