Canada Lottery Winner

Jack Popeil wins Canada Loto Quebec lottery


"Boy! Did I Let Out a Yell!"

On November 18, 2006, Jack Popiel won $50,760 in the Canadian Loto Quebec 6/49. This is the letter he sent, along with a copy of his lottery check, photo, and the Quebec lottery magazine with his photo in it.

"Gail Howard, I would like to tell you your system 503, 4/5 win [guarantee] from your book, Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune, won myself a whopping $50,760.00 tax free in the Quebec 6/49 lottery on November 18, 2006.

"Going back to 1984 when I first discovered your book, [State Lotteries:] How to Get In It and How to Win It (fourth edition) which I still have a copy of it. I started with winning small amounts of money for quite a while with your system. As time went on, I stopped playing the lottery, until March 2006.

"I walked into a book store in early March 2006 in Massena N.Y. I asked the girl do you have any books on lotteries. "By who?" she asked. My guardian angel must of put your name into my head, I came out and said, "Gail Howard." She then went to the computer and checked. She then said, "Yes! Gail Howard has a few books out."

"I then ordered Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune . Received it a week later, and played your system 507, 14 numbers with 4/5 win. Behold, I won $280 the first time I ever played it. The night that I won I came downstairs to check the TV for the results, the numbers came so fast on and off - that I wasn't too sure of the bonus number.

"I then went back upstairs to check my tickets. I thought I won three fours. I came back downstairs to tell my wife. When I checked the tickets again I seen that I had two five numbers. I then asked her what was the bonus number. She wasn't too sure, so I phoned my daughter and woke her up. My daughter then went downstairs to check her computer for the results. She then said, 'Daddy, the bonus number is 27.' Boy! I let a yell out - I had the bonus, too.

"All three of us were numb for two days, until I got the check.

"A week later I played your system 608, 4/6 win, 18 numbers in the Ontario 6/49 and won $515. Not bad for the second time. Again a few weeks later, with your Lottery Master Guide, I tried your [Keno] system 106420 on Banco in Quebec and also in Ontario Keno a few days later. I also won $200 on the Banco Lottery and then again on the Keno Lottery another $200. Your systems are completely amazing. Thus far to date I have won $53,000.00 since March 2006.

"When I started to play your systems I had a feeling that I was going to win a large lottery - one of many that I am going to win in the coming year. My wife and my daughter now believe in me and your systems. My daughter, Deborah, is now playing your system 503 and is winning small amounts.

"We still think it's hard to believe - until it happens to you.

"A week later, I took my wife and daughter and my two granddaughters to Vermont for three days for a shopping spree. I never imagined how happy they were. Boy! Did we ever have a ball, something that I will never forget.

"Gail this has happened because of you and your books on lotteries and I hope to be writing to you again in the near future. Once again, Gail, I would like to thank you, and may God go with you. Your Friend, Always, Jack A. Popiel.

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The lottery products Jack Popiel used to win the Quebec 49 Lotto jackpot: Lottery Master Guide and Wheel #503

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