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Michigan Lotto Winners Janice and Lonnis Eavey win 15 millions dollars


Faith, Prayers and a Gail Howard System Wins $15 Million Jackpot

Thanks to a kind and caring customer, I learned that a $15 million dollar jackpot had been won with my lottery system. He had seen the winner on the Dateline television show, pointing to a system in my State Lotteries: How to Get In It & How To Win It booklet while claiming, "This is the system I used to win the lottery!"

I finally tracked down the lucky winner, Lonnis Eavey, and his wife, Janice, to congratulate them and add them to my ever growing list of Lotto jackpot winners. We had a few chats, and they sent me all the documented proof of their Michigan Lotto jackpot win, including copies of the winning ticket, check, and congratulatory letter from the lottery, as well as a very nice letter in which they thanked me for my winning lotto system.

The Eavey's were one of three winners who split Michigan Lotto jackpot of $45,851,401 on February 25, 1995. Their share was $15,283,800, paid in 20 yearly installments of $765,900, net $517,749 after taxes.

A series of bad breaks landed this adorable couple and their three children on welfare. There seemed no way out of their mounting burden of debt except to win the lottery. In spite of financial woes, Lonnis found inner strength in his faith that he would win the lottery.

More than 20 years ago, a gypsy fortune teller had told Lonnis that one day he would win the lottery but she didn't say when. On February 25, 1995, Lonnis had a hunch that tonight was the when. As he left a family gathering, he announced, "I'm taking my ticket, and I'm going to bed, and I'm going to sleep on it."

"So, I went to bed, and I put it under my pillow. I went to sleep. And I dreamt I won a million dollars," he said.

Janice Eavey wrote, "Dear Gail, We were on welfare, with three children, living with Lonnis' mother. We decided to sell our car as we couldn't afford the insurance anymore. We sold it to my nephew for $150.

"Lonnis asked if he could bet $42 to play Gail's 18-number system. My daughter and I got the tickets on Feb. 23, 1995. Two days later, our brother-in-law asked, 'Did you get your lotto tickets?' Lonnis replied, 'Yes, we did and we got the winning ticket!!' It was like Lonnis knew he was holding the winning ticket.

"While we were watching television, waiting for the numbers to come up, I was going over my bills trying to figure out how I was going to pay all of them come my next welfare check.

"I decided to get me a cup of coffee and when I came back in the living room I sat beside Lonnis on the sofa and he looked at me and said, 'Well, Dear, we won!!' And I said, 'Ya! How many?' I thought he was going to say 4 or 5, but when he said, 'Well, Dear, we got all six!'' I got so excited I hugged him real tight. He said it felt like I was choking him. Lonnis was so calm about everything. How he kept his cool, I don't know?!

"We are doing our best to use our money wisely and would like to thank you for your system, Gail. IT REALLY WORKS!!; Sincerely Lonnis & Janice Eavey

"P.S. My prayers were answered when I prayed to the picture of Lonnis' sister we lost to breast cancer in October of 1994. Before getting the tickets I prayed, 'Sheri, if there is ever a time you and the Lord can help us, let it be now!!'"

Was it Lonnis' faith . . . or Janice's prayers . . . or my system . . that won the $15,283,800 jackpot? I think it was the combination of all three. Faith and prayer are powerful forces that have been employed by many of my jackpot winners. To some, winning a big jackpot has been almost a spiritual experience.

On my website, I give away the free lottery system Lonnis used to win his $15 million jackpot. You provide the faith, the positive optimism and the prayers . . . and write to me when you hit the Big One.

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